just do it!

What to blog? When to blog? How to blog? My page isn’t finished yet…. There is no way that I could actually post something when my blog page is far from being complete.
All of these thoughts are running through my mind. I want to join the club of blogging but feel so much pressure to have everything just perfect before I actually start. Well, the truth of the matter is, the moment may never come. Things just might not ever look perfect or put together the way that I desire, so I think I will stop worrying about all of the details and simply start blogging. Whew! Did I really type all of that for others to read? Yep! And I am not going to delete any of it either.  That would be the easy way out. In my opinion, life is one big adventure and full of stories to be told. As far as my life is concerned, it is. Life is one big story. At times the story is silly, joyful and fun. Other times, life is full of sadness, sorrow and disappointments. Life is not perfect but it is one great big adventure! Regardless the circumstances, I think we should be filled with complete joy. Nehemiah 8:10: The JOY of the Lord is my strength!
I don’t want to spend the rest of my life thinking “I should have…” or wondering “what would happen if I would …” Life is just too short and God’s plans are just too big for me to spend one more moment thinking or wondering. From this moment on….. I am going to “just do it!” Ready or not, world of bloggers…….. Here I come! May my blogging be glorifying to the Lord!


4 thoughts on “just do it!

  1. Amanda Benson

    Heather – I have had the same struggle as you – feeling called by the Lord to share my journey and His grace in words. But when? How? Life is so hectic! Finally, like He said to you, I heard clearly: “Just do it!” So, now, my friend, we are not only sisters in Christ, but we are fellow bloggers, too! May you be blessed as you write and share your stories!


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