God whispers

I have been missing my dad all day today as this is the anniversary month of his death and the weather was exactly the way it was the day he died.

I had just spent the past 15 minutes crying with my husband about how much I was missing my daddy.  Not minutes later, I logged onto facebook, to reply to a friend’s message from earlier in the day. My friend Kristy posted on my page that she had been thinking about me this morning. Little did I know, the Lord had a perfect plan in bringing me to her mind on this very day. In reply, I decided to send her a private message.  After typing her message, I looked up at the last message she had sent to me. It was dated September 21,2009. THE DAY OF MY DAD’S DEATH. God is so good.  Following is the message from my friend from 2 years ago:
I am sorry about your dad. I just go the message from Shannon. You all are in my prayers. I know that you did everything that you could to help and love your dad. You are a wonderful daughter.
Love always,

I love those little whisper moments from the Lord, moments when He just wraps His loving arms around us and holds us tightly! I needed to hear exactly what Kristy typed to me 2 yrs ago on this very day.

I pray that you too will be “in tune” to those sweet whispers from the Lord.


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