be still

Psalm 46:10 (NIV): Be still and know that I am God!

We can say the above scripture over and over again a hundred times or more and still it would be hard for us to be still.  Can I get an amen?  We live in such a fast paced society.  What used to take at least a few minutes to make a phone call, we now can type a few words hit send and what could have turned into an hour-long conversation with our best friend, was complete with one or two easy texts. (no worries to any of my BFF’s out there….. I am not referring to any texts that you all have sent me lately) 😉 We are all so busy. I feel that my life is crazy busy.  So busy, lately, that I have even found myself  double booking something on my calendar because I was too busy to take the time to put it on my calendar. What makes me so busy?  I have three young children, own a business, serve at church, lead bible studies, our kids are in sports, not to mention just the “regular” duties one has as a wife and mother;all would most assuredly qualify me as one “busy gal.”

I was blessed beyond measure last week to take a friend who recently had surgery out shopping and to run errands, as she was still not medically released to drive.  It was so nice to stop my busy life in order to lend a hand to another sister in Christ.  One of her errands took us to LifeWay Christian Book Store.  I was more than happy to take her to such an uplifting place.  While searching through devotionals together, we started talking about scripture and some of our favorite verses.  She mentioned that all last year one verse the Lord revealed to her over and over was the scripture quoted above, Psalm 46:10.  When we went to check out, would you like to take a guess as to what artwork and scripture hung near the register?  Yes, God is that good! PSALM 46:10!

That scripture was one the Lord revealed to my friend this past year, not me.  Well, the Lord just has the best sense of humor, doesn’t He?  Now, the verse is appearing everywhere I turn.  I even think he is sneaking it in to my husbands path as well.  I love God! His ways aren’t that mysterious at all.  If He is trying to get your attention and wants you to hear Him, He will make sure His word appears everywhere you turn. He may do that through your own personal time in the word, a sermon, a friend or family member, or even on a billboard.  All we have to do in order to hear from God is to be still.


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