did you say goats?

The following is a cute little story that happened between my son and I a few years ago.

My family and I love fall and all of the festivities that come along with it. My husband and I try our best, however, to keep the idea of Halloween more on the fun and innocent side than getting caught up in the scary, ghost and goblin side of it.  Our children are still quite young; I know it is inevitable that one day the boys, and maybe my baby girl will be a little more interested in the “scary” side of Halloween, but it is our hopes to keep it all fun and light and make our focus on “fall festivities” instead.  I do wonder if I took that desire a little to the extreme this year.  My boys caught on to the idea of ghosts. I tried telling them they are not allowed to speak of or talk about them or other really scary things.  They literally took my wishes to heart.  A few days prior to Halloween my middle child, Jacob, must have already had Christmas on his mind.   He came to me and said “Mama, I know we are not supposed to talk about goats but can we talk about reindeer?” I asked him to repeat his question and once again he said “I know we are not supposed to talk about goats but can we talk about reindeer?”  I realized what he just said and asked him if he said “goats” (like Baaaaa and like the “goats” grandma and grandpa have behind their house) and he said “yes, goats.” Man was I relieved to realize that all along he thought we were talking about goats, not ghosts. I politely told him that “Yes, he could talk about reindeer and that I didn’t even mind if he talked about GOATS!”   Oh the innocence of a child!

I know this is such a simple little story, but I learned so much from it.  I am sure my son was so confused as to why he was not allowed to talk about goats.  He and I were speaking about two different things, although, we thought we were on the same page.  This story makes me wonder if I at times misunderstand what the Lord is saying to me.  Does He at times tell me one thing and I think he is saying something completely different?  If I am ever uncertain of what the Lord is telling me, I usually wait until I get a clearer answer and pray for clarity. I claim 1 Corinthians 14:33 as my clear ‘discernment meter”.

1 Corinthians 14:33 (NIV1984): For God is not a God of disorder but of peace.

If I do not have peace on a certain situation, I keep asking and seeking the Lord until I have better discernment.  I am so glad that my son thought enough about this “forbidden word” to be persistent in asking me about it for if he hadn’t….. he would never again mention the word goats.


2 thoughts on “did you say goats?

  1. Charlotte Travis

    How precious! I love His trust in you that he obeyed even what he didn’t understand – Lord, help me to do the same for You! I love the message on being sure I’m hearing Him clearly. I’m so thankful our God is the Prince of Peace!

  2. Corrie

    Cute. Well it’s no wonder you voted for the kittens at trunk or treat! It certainly was the least scary! And CJ would not reach his hand in the smoking pot next to the creepy truck with the hanging bat and big snake in the back! What were they thinking at trunk or treat?!!! Perhaps you should teach them about the “goats”.

    The Corinthians gage was certainly a new one for us over the last year. We definately used it and it held true!


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