One night, when my middle child Jacob was around one year in age, my husband was rocking him in the nursery, while I walked our oldest child, Jonah (2 ½) at the time upstairs to put him to bed.  On our way up the stairs, Jonah kept saying “Jesus” over and over again.  I finally caught on to what he was saying and peered down at him, and said “Why are you saying Jesus?”  His reply was “he’s right there.” “Where, I exclaimed.” “In Jacob’s room,” was Jonah’s reply.  I was beside myself with this thought. I once again asked Jonah, “Did you say that Jesus is in Jacob’s nursery?” Jonah continued to point into the nursery and said “Jesus.”  I went on to put Jonah to bed but could not get the thoughts of what he was saying out of my mind.

Before heading to bed myself that night, my husband and I were chatting and I told him about my conversation with Jonah.  Jeff’s eyes got really big in amazement as he told me that while he was rocking Jacob that night, Jacob continued to point and say “Jesus” as well.  We both had chills all over and couldn’t believe what we were hearing.  We were in complete amazement that both of our boys felt the presence of the Lord in the nursery at the very same time without even realizing that the other one did.

I love the innocence of little children.  They are so simple and so pure.  Little ones are not yet scarred by the ugly things of this world. It makes me sad that as we move past that age of innocence, we allow our vision get so clouded with the things of this world that we are not able to see the Lord so clearly. However, I know there will come a day when I will see the Lord face to face and I can only imagine the same amazing glory will be revealed to me then as it was to my precious little boys in our baby’s nursery.

As I am writing this post, I just finished spending a little time in Jacob’s room at midnight because He just turned 5 years old.  I always wait up and go into my kids rooms at midnight on their birthdays in order to kiss their little faces and thank the Lord for the gifts that they are in my life.  I can’t even believe my sweet Jacob Avery is already 5 years old.  He is such a sweet little man.  He loves the Lord with all of His heart and always thinks of others.  He has such a sweet spirit about him.  It has been an amazing five years watching him grow.  We praise God for Jacob is “fearfully and wonderfully made!” (Psalm 139:14)


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