peace meter

1 Corinthians 14:33(NIV): For God is not a God of disorder but of peace.

When I was in college, the Lord blessed my life with an amazing woman of God to be my “mom away from home.”  Frances Harper is a Godly woman who is full of wisdom.  I loved just sitting with her and taking in all of her knowledge of the Lord.  I would share family situations, boy issues, college drama and you name it with her and she was always right on with a solid answer from God’s word.  The best advice that I have ever received from her was 1 Corinthians 14:33.  When she quoted that verse to me, it just stuck with me and truly changed my life from that moment on with any situation, problem or decision that I have had to make.  I now refer to that scripture as my “peace meter.”  God is not a God of DISORDER but of PEACE!  Amen to that!  If I am at a cross roads and can’t decide which direction to take, I always turn to 1 Corinthians 14:33 for direction.  I pray over a matter and feel peace then I go forward with it.  If I feel disorder, I sit on it until I get to the conclusion that leads to peace.  The answer will either be yes, no or wait, but one of these answers will give the answer of peace.

There is such truth in that very short scripture.  If it is of the Lord then it will be peaceful.  We are able to experience that peace because of the Holy Spirit living within us (Romans 15:13). The Holy Spirit will direct us and give us that nudge which will in turn show is what the Lord desires in and from us with any decision that we will ever have to make.  If you are trying to make a decision just rest in which one leads to peace.  The answer will not always be the easiest route, the simplest route or the route that makes the most sense, but I promise you it will be peaceful.

Are you currently at a cross roads and praying over a certain situation?

The following tool may help you with your answer.

  1. Pray over the decision
  2. Jot down all of the pro’s and con’s of this decision
  3. Pray over #2
  4. Circle all of the answers that equal peace
  5. Pray again and rest in the answer that leads you to peace.

I realize that some decisions are in need of a much quicker answer and you are not able to utilize the above mentioned tool.  The tool is helpful for decisions that are more thought provoking and deeper rooted decisions.  At times you need an immediate answer and the Lord is very capable of answering those calls as well.  In ANY request that you present to the Lord, He will lead you to the answer that leads to peace.  The road will always lead you to peace if you are following His direction.


2 thoughts on “peace meter

  1. Eric Cain

    Waiting on the Lord is always beneficial to. God works endurance (otherwise known as patience) during the time that we wait. Also, walking daily through His word is absolutely invaluable and profitable to getting to peace. I have seen these in many situations in my life, of God’s peace working in my life. The Holy Spirit, as you said, will bring peace, for it is His fruit given to us.

    Thanks Heather, I needed this encouraging word. God bless the Paul family.


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