utterly helpless

Romans 5:6 (NIV): You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.

I have been reading Romans chapter 5 for a few days now.  I encourage you to read the chapter in its entirety, for there is much to take in and glean from in the twenty one verses.  During one of my times reading this chapter, verse 6 jumped right off the page at me and grabbed my attention.  It was as if the words “just the right time” flashed like a neon light at me.

I love that we serve a Savior who does everything at just the right time.  He is such an on time God, isn’t He?  In this scripture, we learn that His timing was right on at the very time we were “still powerless.”  The New Living Translation tells us that when we were “utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time…”

There is so much to learn from in these few simple words.  Are you waiting on God for something?  Are you asking, seeking, and knocking but just not sure when He is going to come through for you?  Be encouraged because at “just the right time” He will come and you will know it is Him!  Is your health failing?  He will be the ultimate physician and great healer at just the right time.  Are you struggling financially?  He will provide your every need at just the right time.  Is your marriage failing or has one of your children gone astray?  Do not fret, for you serve an on time God and at just the right time He will restore all broken relationships.  We may not see the end results this side of heaven, but when we are face to face with His glory, all things will be clear and we will see that His timing is perfect even if we can’t always understand it in this world.

We can’t leave this scripture just yet because there is one last word that brings such meaning to this scripture.  Read the verse again at the top.  What does it say about the condition that we were in when he came at His perfect time?  God’s word tells us that He came when we were still powerless.  Do you ever feel powerless?  Do you always have to have control?  I think sometimes we act like we are in control and have a plan but in our heart of hearts, we are powerless and “utterly helpless.”  Do you need to surrender control to the ONE who has all of time in the palm of His hand?  Do you need to let go and let Him lead?  If He knew the exact moment to change the world for an eternity, the perfect instant that was ideal to save us, the ungodly, then we must believe that He has our stuff, our plan all figured out.  Who else but God could bring a Savior into the world through a miraculous birth, allow miracles to be performed during His time on earth, tell the future perfectly through parables and then die the perfect death on the cross just for the sake of our sins.  WoW! He really does have it all together.  As hard as it is to do at times, we really should surrender all control to the ONE who is in control.

My life has always ended up a big mess when I have taken matters into my own hands and did things according to my time line.  I can only imagine what a bigger mess I could make of my life if I didn’t rest in His timing and come to him utterly helpless.

What does this scripture bring to your heart?  What is the Lord speaking to you as you read the words from Romans 5:6?  Is there something that you need to give up control over?  Do you need to rest in His perfect timing?  Please know that I am praying for you even now as I write this post.  Let’s come to Him utterly helpless and rest in His perfect timing.  Thank you Jesus that you died for our sins at the most perfect time while we were powerless.

(New Living Translation): When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners.


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