here i am to worship

My husband and I scurried into service and were all nestled into our seats ready for worship.

The house was packed and the Spirit was moving. We sat beside a couple we had never met and the seats on the other side of us were reserved for volunteers (or as we call them, door holders).

The worship experience was so amazing that I was barely aware of anyone around me…until… Jeff got a phone call from work that he had to dismiss himself from worship, in order to answer. Not seconds from the time he left, did two guys come in and take my husbands spot. I didn’t want to interrupt worship to explain to the new guy next to me that the seat he was in was already taken. I just decided to wait until we finished worship time and would proclaim Jeff’s seat once everyone scooted down to the middle of the row.

Although I remained silent… the weirdness was there. I was very uncomfortable standing in between two guys that I didn’t know. I may had felt a little more comfortable had one of them been a female, but no… I was sandwiched in doing my worship thing between two males. My hands were raised in praise and my mouth was singing the tune to the words that were on the screen but I had anxiety going on because I was no longer in my little comfort zone next to my husband.

Now the guy to the right of me seemed to have no worries what so ever. His hands were raised in praise. His lips proclaimed a beautiful melody. His head was bowed in reverence to our Savior and he appeared to be genuinely worshiping. I began to chuckle at myself once I realized the freedom the guy next to me had in his worship experience… while I sat feeling uncomfortable because of who I was wedge in between.

This “interruption” could also be referred to as a distraction.
Distractions… We all get them… We all have our own… and every single one of them take our focus off of the ONE in whom we should be focused on, Jesus. Each distraction may look a little different: comparing our outfit to the girl down the isle, checking our cell phone constantly during worship, thinking about your “to do” list for the next day, worry, stress… and the list goes on and on. We can easily allow our mind to race and our thoughts to wander from the truth of worship.

As far as my “distraction”… It should not have mattered who I was between… all that mattered was WHO I was WORSHIPPING!
I realized that worshipping in between complete strangers was really not the case at all… I was worshipping in between brothers in Chirst. Two guys who shared a common goal with me: Jesus!

I began to see that worship experience as a glimpse of eternity. Hallelujah! Praise Jesus that in heaven and for all eternity… we will worship together and will all be in unison and complete agreement… It won’t matter who we are beside then because our eyes will be on our Savior. Our knees will be on the ground and our heads held high or bowed in complete worship to our King! Our Lord will be the only thing in our vision for nothing surrounding us will even matter. Thank you Jesus that heaven will be all about you and nothing else. It will not matter if we are male/female, from Africa, Asia, Australia or America. Rather we were rich or poor.. healthy on earth or not. Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist or Non Denominational. In heaven there will be ONE CHURCH. ONE FATHER. ONE SAVIOR and ZERO DISTRACTIONS!!!


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