Understand.  Do you?  Do you really understand?  Do you get it?  Does it make sense or is it all a blur?  At this point you are probably asking the question… Understand WHAT?  

I am not referring to any certain thing but to everything.  How often do we just not understand.  How often do we not “get it”?  How often do we try to do what is right, best and noble yet stumble over and over again with the same dilemma, same mishap and the exact same lesson that we have already learned a thousand times.  (Romans 7:14-25)

When disciplining my own children, on numerous occasions, I can recall saying to them “do you understand?”  When I say those three words to them, it is more than likely the result of having had repeated myself over and over again to them.  Stop arguing.  Put your dirty clothes in the laundry basket.  Eat your dinner.  Put your shoes on and get in the car because we are leaving. Put your shoes on and get in the car because we are leaving… Those are just some of the things I find myself saying over and over and over and over (need I say more?) again to my sweet, darling, adorable yet sometimes not so cooperative, children.  I don’t think they choose not to listen and disobey because they are defiant or rude or desiring to completely ignore me.  It is usually because they are not listening.  It is like they are in their own 8,7 and 5 year old bubbles. 

When I have had to ask them to do a job, chore or task more than once…. the three famous words of “do you understand” will more than likely creep out of my mouth next.  When they hear that, it is as if the little wheels in their minds start turning and they start to think, “oh wait. Mommy has asked something of me. OR “Mommy is trying to get my attention.”  It is as if  a “light bulb” moment happens and they finally “get it” and do what was asked of them.

John 1:5 has a bit to say about understanding.  “The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.” 

Light gets the darkness but the darkness can not understand the light.  Light may not agree with the darkness or desire to be like the darkness but it plays an important role in the midst of the darkness.  It shines!  It shines.  Jesus is the light.  We stumble in the darkness.  When we allow Jesus to shine His light and guide our paths we are able to see in the darkness.  We are able to “understand” and “get it.”  Without Jesus (the light) we stress out, worry, doubt, are filled with anxiety and satisfy cravings of the flesh.  When we walk in the light (which is easily seen when we are in His word and prayer) we are able to trust, obey, rest, minister, serve and are able to gratify the Spirit.  The more we understand and “get it” the more the light shines through us and we are able to be the light to others. 

I love that He is so patient with us and waits for us to finally understand and “get it!”  What is He telling you to do right now?  Has He had to repeat Himself more than once like I often do to my children? Do you understand?  Do you “get it?”

The darkness does not understand… so let’s help the darkness out and let His light shine!  Live in light… Be the  light… 



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