Ephesians 4:29: Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

When referring to unwholesome talk, this scripture does not say… ” do not let much…”, “only let a few…”, or “it’s okay to only let a tad bit seep from your lips.” God’s word commands us to not let ANY (zero, zilch, nada) unwholesome talk come from our mouths.

Confession time… I love to talk.  I was born a talker.  As a matter of fact, when I was a toddler,  my aunts used to ask my mom to try and keep me quiet and it never worked.  In college, my guy friends would make bets on how long I could keep quiet… those who said any time frame over 60 seconds, lost.  Just being real here… talking is what I do best. 🙂 It’s okay to be considered a talker… but when we “talk” we need to line our words up with the above scripture.

Talking. Words. Chattering… can be used in a wholesome way or can be considered unwholesome.  We choose.  It is up to us to allow words to flow from our tongues that bring either life or death. We have to be careful how we use our words.

A very dear, blue eyed, little beauty, recently had her heart crushed when her peers did not choose their words wisely.  The following situation with my little friend, really hurt my heart as well… and ever since, I have been pondering the thought of making it a daily habit to choose to use my words wisely.

You see, she was innocently enjoying what could have been a perfect play date when three harsh words entered the scene and changed everything.  These three words did not bring life to the play date. They hurt. They were not kind and my little friend was crushed.  I pray that she did not believe these words, not even for a second.  For the record, let me just say that this little beauty is precious.  An absolute treasure- and the totally opposite of the words spoken over her are true.  She is kind, thoughtful and has a really big, extra large, super sized HEART!  As a matter of fact, my oldest is clueless about girls (thank you Jesus) – but if he had an iota of a clue about the opposite sex – I could bank on the fact that she would more than likely be his pick.

Do I think the kids who said these words were intentionally plotting to crush her heart or give her a complex?  No.  I am sure they were just “being kids”, trying to sound cool, or perhaps they were simply repeating words they recently heard another peer say. However, the words were said… a little heart was crushed… and mending had to take place.

Obviously you are no longer a kid, and these little incidents on the playground no longer happen to you… but as adults, similar situations occur daily.  Others speak words over us that bring death…or more often than not.. we speak words over ourselves that bring death.

Words hurt.  Words stick.  They can pierce like an arrow and crush – or can breathe life into our souls and lift up.

How are you choosing to use your words today? Maybe as adults, we no longer participate in “name calling” on the play ground, but we can easily be guilty of using words for gossip, negativity, nagging and tearing down. Choose your words wisely…

Replace negative for positive

  nagging for building

 yelling for calming


 crushing for breathing life. 


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