This day…

This day.  This day…

This day had to occur because Sunday IS coming.  The table. The bread and the wine.  The kiss.  The coins.  The betrayal.  The accusations.  The wood.  The crown of thorns.  The tears.  The crying.  The sweat.  The sword that pierced flesh.  The blood.  The last breath that He breathed as He hung on a cross and passed from this life to the next… This day.  Oh this day.  Because of this day… It is finished.

People get ready…  It is finished and Sunday is coming!! Hallelujah!!!

I am typing this blog post while I sit in the theatre with my family watching Rio 2.  I know. I know.  (Don’t judge, yes, I just spent a pretty penny on a movie,  in order to sit and type a blog… But hey… When else is a mama of four with the youngest being 10 months supposed to have some piece and quiet). 😜😜

As the movie began… I could barely focus on the screen and script because the words “this day” kept penetrating my heart. For most,  this day is just a normal day and the world goes on as usual.  Families hanging out, business as usual, just. another. day.

But this day, thousands of years ago was not just another day. This day changed everything.  This day meant love. Giving up of a life so that we may live forever… Sacrifice. Total sacrifice.

Sacrifice.  That is exactly what I witnessed my children doing the past 40 days.  Our church does not actually “observe” the celebration of Lent but for several years now, my husband and I have chosen to participate.  My little people have obviously watched, observed and taken notes over the past several years because this year they decided to observe Lent as well.

My oldest (8yo) gave up Legos. (Huge for my little Lego lover).

My middle son (7yo) gave up his Kindle.

My little girl (5yo) gave up candy. (Bigger than huge, she is the reason we can’t have candy in our house because if she even smells it, that would be the first thing she would ask for upon rising in the morning).

This “sacrifice” or “giving up” has not been easy for them.  They were tempted on numerous occasions throughout the season of Lent. My oldest attended a Lego birthday party and chose to go in the back yard and play while the other boys built with the Legos.  My middle son spent every car ride “kindle-less” while the others played away… And not once did he complain.  My sweet baby girl was offered candy from a friend at the ball field and said “no thank you, I gave up candy for Lent.” Those are just a few examples but I could write a book on all of the other instances and all of the lessons that my little ones taught me during this observation of Lent.  My oh my. I have been blown away. I am one proud, amazed, full hearted mama! Those littles are most definitely  world changers.  They were able to share Jesus’ story with every temptation that came their way.

My little tribe and I have chosen to “give up” because He gave it all!  Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. The ultimate sacrifice.

This day… Oh this day… Nothing but the blood of Jesus… But Sunday is coming…






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