imageBusy. Busy. Busy.  That is exactly the title that I would slap on this upcoming week for the Paul fam if I were into slapping titles on weeks. 😜

Let’s see… My hubby has been out of town camping this weekend, two ball games this past weekend, dinner at a friend’s house tonight for a missions gathering, two practices and three games this upcoming week, girls night at church Monday night (it is called The Grove, is at Passion City Church and is amazing… So this could be considered your personal invitation if you would like one).  My newest little reader is celebrating her accomplishment with a tea party with her friends on Tuesday, my best friend is coming to town for a night (Tam… If you happen to read this… Please don’t back out and think I am too busy… Trust me.. I am sooo excited that you are coming… I want you to come… I need you to come… And those sweet little kids of yours need Paul fam hugs, right?) okay… There is more… My son has 2 days of standarized testing this week and then the same son turns 9 (how is that possible) in a week and we are celebrating that by having 10 boys over Friday night for some outdoor boy fun!  And that’s just the big stuff… Yes, I will still have to cook, clean, do laundry (maybe)… And homeschool… Oh yea… Almost forgot about that extra large task.  Sorry kids… School must continue amidst the busy.

Are you tired of reading yet?  Are you feeling anxious just thinking about all of that (I am)?  Are you chuckling because you can so relate because you too have a crazy, busy week ahead?

We are all busy, so it seems. That is just the fast paced society we live in.  We pack our weeks full… Plan and plan… Do and do… Go and go.

Hear me out when I discuss all of the “busy”ness.  They are all good things.  Great and really fun things as a matter of fact (minus the boys testing).

However, we can get so busy that we end up not even enjoying the things that we have planned.  I was beginning to feel overwhelmed about the week ahead and my mind automatically wanted to become anxious.  I refuse to allow that to happen because I have recently kissed anxiety goodbye (praise Jesus). And that is where for me, God stepped in about my busy week that lies ahead.  He spoke to me this am and told me to “bring my week to Him.” Jesus wants us to meet Him at His altar and lay down anything that may bring doubt, worry, stress or anxiety upon us.  I have an awesome week ahead and in order to enjoy all of it I must release the anxiety that can come with it to Jesus.  Yes… My house may not be as clean as I want it to be when people come over… My two parties may not be as “pinteresty” as those complete strangers parties appear to be on my Pinterest page as I glanced over party ideas… And maybe, just maybe the kids won’t wear matching socks this week. (Who am I kidding… They don’t wear matching socks on a boring week).

BUT we will have fun.  We will celebrate.  We will enjoy.  And I will be intentional about every single thing taking place this week.  I will not compare and allow anxiety to creep in. I refuse to get so caught up in the details that I fail to enjoy the event.

Thank you Jesus for stepping in.  Thank you Jesus that when I opened my bible this am, I stumbled upon an index card from a friend’s prayer request from a previous bible study.  Her card spoke of praying for less anxiety and to not be stressed in her busy week but to enjoy Jesus.  I laugh because I thought I was to pray for her by seeing this… But as I was praying for her… Jesus spoke and said “my love, you are praying this for yourself.  This request was written by your friend over a year ago… And I knew that you would one day need it so I had you tuck it away in your bible for future reference.”  God is so good, isn’t He?  He meets us right where we are.  He steps in when we need Him most.  He cares for His children and lets us meet with Him at His altar.

Ready.  Set. Go!!! Let the busy week begin!! I will accept it intentionally and with great joy.

Psalm 84:3: Even the sparrow has found a home, And the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young- A place near your ALTAR. 



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