Love one another

On numerous occasions, I am drawn to my knees in a state of prayer to Jesus regarding my children’s relationships with one another.

I am going to be honest and transparent with you… My relationship with my brother is very strained and it simply breaks my heart. He and I never really had the best relationship growing up, but as adults we were able to get along and enjoy one another’s company. Unfortunately, all of that changed when my dad passed away almost 5 years ago. Due to circumstances that were out of control, misunderstandings and lack of good communication, my brother and I have not spoken in almost 4 years. It absolutely breaks my heart. Is this the way I want things to be with my brother? No. Have I tried my best to mend things? Yes. Do I pray about this relationship? Daily (even my sweet 5 yr old “mini me” prays daily to meet her uncle and baby cousins).
I believe that one day my brother and I will be reunited and mending will take place…. In the meantime… I pray.
Love can build a bridge.

Because of the strained relationship that I have with my brother, I am uber sensitive to the bond and love that my children have with one another. As far as my oldest two (both boys) go, this is not a hard task. They are 18 months apart in age and the best of friends. They really don’t even remember life without the other. They have an amazing relationship and for that I am grateful. When it comes to my 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter, I am constantly praying. Don’t get me wrong, I know they love each other and get along fairly well… But their age difference, gender difference and personality differences, their “bonding” takes work. My greatest fear is that their relationship will end up hindered like mine and my brother’s relationship. I know that Jesus is the glue that mends, builds and molds together love for one another. May Jesus be the center of my children’s relationships.
Love can build a bridge.

Early this morning, I walked into the dining room and saw a beautiful sight. Those two… The ones that I deeply pray for… Bonding. Playing. Enjoying one another’s company. I love that she wants to be close to her big brother so much that she will give up playing with dolls to dig into the Legos and build with him. I love that he, even though he just got these new Lego sets for his birthday and would rather build alone… took time to laugh and giggle with her as she stood beside him and eagerly watched his construction.
You see, last night he wasn’t so kind to her. She cried. He got in trouble. He apologized, told her he was sorry and gave her a handful of his quarters as a token of his love. She accepted the token and asked me to take her shopping to buy him Legos with the money. Such big hearts.
Love… It takes work. Love…doesn’t always come easy. Love…
Jesus is love.
Love can build a bridge.

John 13:34: A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.

Jesus, may you be the glue the mends and molds my children’s relationships so tightly that nothing can tear it apart. May their love for one another be genuine, authentic and strong. I pray for an everlasting love. In Jesus name! In Jesus name.


My aunt mailed the above note and comic clipping to me this past week. She has no idea what encouragement it brought me. I read it. Smiled. Held on to it for several days… and will tuck it away to pull it out from time to time as a little reminder of their love. Thank you Aunt Patsy for seeing their love for one another.


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