my cheerleader


He knit me together in her womb. To Him (and her) I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). He chose her and me to connect, to come together, to be knitted into the same tapestry. Kind of like one great big quilt having the pieces of fabric woven together, merged into the same lineage… we were chosen by Him to be placed into this Earthly life together.

From the moment the nurse gently had my little 5 pound body and her new motherly arms connect… she became my cheerleader.

From the stories that I have been told to the memories that have been created… prove to me that she is my number one cheerleader.

I was born with crippled feet… She took me weekly to every cast fitting (and several times a week when I decided to kick my casts off)…

She pushed me all night long in the wagon up and down the hall on the first floor at Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital (now known as Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta) when I had surgery on my very first birthday…

She sat up with me over a hundred nights in elementary school when I had to sit up all night long gasping for air due to asthmatic situations…

She is my cheerleader.

She rubbed my leg all night long after my foot surgery when I was in ninth grade… I was in unbearable pain and she did her best to make me feel better…

She never missed a softball game, dance recital, or half time show as I performed four years in high school…

She is my cheerleader.

She visited me often while I attended the University of Georgia and while in nursing school she encouraged me through every test, lab and clinical.

She is my cheerleader.

She also loved me from a distance when I moved away to Music City, Nashville, Tennessee. It was there that I met my prince charming and fell in love…
She watched me say “I do” with tears in her eyes as I went on to live my “happily ever after.”

She was by my side for all four of my child births and came to my bedside the moment she heard that I miscarried baby Faith.

She is my cheerleader.

She still mothers… she took a month off of work this past November when she heard that I had shingles… and I tell you… There was not a piece of laundry left for me to do after she left to go back home (and trust me, with a fam of six… there is a lot of laundry).

I am now a mommy too but she has not once stopped “mothering” me. I could go on and on. She is amazing. I love her so much. She is selfless, generous and compassionate. She made sure growing up to tell me that she loves me. I know I am loved… for I have the best cheerleader ever!

As I watch my own little one cheer… sit in the stands to watch my boys play ball… and rock sweet baby Emory Roman to sleep… I am reminded of her love towards me… And desire to be the same cheerleader to them as she has been to me.

Happy Mother’s Day Mama! I love you oh so very much!





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