Friendships. I have had several talks with a few gals in the recent weeks regarding solid friendships between women. Unfortunately, one of these discussions was over a friendship that had gone sour. It really saddens my heart for her. Good friends are hard to come by and to hear of one taking a slight detour in the road is just no fun.

One would think that after middle school and high school… Friendships between grown ups would be so easy, so natural… Simple. I mean, we are adults and all, right? Wrong. Even as adults, good, constant friendships are at times hard. Okay… I am mainly speaking on behalf of women in this post… So let me rephrase… Friendships between adult women are at times, hard.

I often ask myself that question.
Is it because we are insecure?
Is it because we too often compare? Does jealousy play an underlying role at times?
I know for moms it is often hard because we are usually wrangling a kid or two at all times and have to work extra hard to have spare time to invest in a friendship… And when we usually have a spare second… Sometimes we just want to sit in a dark room that is completely silent. (A bit exaggeration inserted here… But you know what I mean!)

I am not sure why adult friendships are hard. I do know that like all relationships they take work and are never a “one way street.”
Jesus has really had the concept of friendship on my heart the past few weeks. I desire to study up on what His word has to say about friendships… And maybe if the Spirit is willing upon my weak flesh… I will be able to post a time or two in the near future what I discover as I search and dig into His word in regards to friendship.

I do have to say that I have been blessed beyond measure with two amazing best friends that are more like sisters to me. The past 18 years have been wonderful with them (yes, I am sure we have had our disagreements and all) but I am solid on the conclusion that the ring of friendship between the three of us has lasted over the years because we have a common bond of Christ. Not only is Jesus the center of our friendships but we truly put one another’s needs and desires before our own…A true selfless friendship for sure… One that I am forever grateful for and pray that I never take for granted. I love these two sweet sisters and praise Jesus for them and their families… And for all of the memories that have been made over the years. (Em and Tam… Thank you for living out Proverbs 17:17 with me!)

Maybe you could spend some time as well in God’s word on the topic of friendship. If you do… Let me know what you discover.
What is important to you in a friendship? What qualities do you seek after in a friend? What makes a friendship authentic?



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