Seasonal friends

Although it has been over five years… I still remember this particular morning as if it were just yesterday.  I was starting a brand new “mom group” at my children’s preschool.  I dropped my kiddos off in their classroom and was on my way to get things all set up to welcome the moms who would be participating in this new group.  I crossed paths with a precious young lady.  Crazy, but I remember silly details… she was wearing an adorable jean jacket and had a really cute Vera Bradley bag in hand.  She approached me and asked if I knew where the “mom’s group” would be meeting.  I smiled and said, “Follow me!  I am headed there myself.”  Little did I know… our encounter would create a lasting and very valuable friendship.

Now before I introduce you to this precious, jean jacket, Vera Bradley carrying beauty… I want to continue the blog post from last week on friendships.  Today, I want to discuss “seasonal friends.”

Perhaps you are asking… What in the world are seasonal friendships?

Just as there are different seasons through out the year… some friendships are in a way kind of like seasons. If you are not yet following where I am going with this… let me fill you in…

Often times, we have friends for different seasons in life. I know there are some friends who are life long and they stay a part of our lives forever (rather they entered our life in childhood, high school, college or adult hood)… then there are those friends who are a “seasonal friend.” Personally, I have a really hard time with seasonal side of friendships. You see, when I enter into a friendship with you… it is just hard for me to let you go! 🙂 (This could be a “word of caution” for future friends of mine). As hard as this concept is for me… it is just the way life goes. Still not following where I am going? Keep reading and I’ll continue to fill you in.

Seasonal friends are those sweet people that come into your life just for a period of time. There is meaning to their friendship. It serves a beautiful purpose at the time… and they become a great part of your story… but are not necessarily a part of your story forever. This happens in various situations. A few of those are:

  • you create various friendships with different jobs/careers you have…
  • when you become a mom you may join a mommy group and have a group of friends while your children are babies…
  • as your children go to preschool you form friendships with those moms…
  • then your child goes off to elementary school (or home school in our case)… and you create new friendships with the moms from your kids class/group… that is where I stop because I still have elementary age children… but I would assume that after that you become friends with moms of your middle/high schooler etc. etc. etc.
  • if you participate in sports (tennis, softball, golf etc.) you may have friends just during that season of sports

Now let’s jump back up to the beginning of this post and let me introduce you to my “seasonal” preschool group friend.  (But remember… for me… this girl is not just “seasonal” to me… remember that I mentioned I have a hard time letting go of friends… well this girl… will be a forever friend in my book!

Corrie Jeffords is a “preschool” seasonal friend that I have just not let go of.  She and her family recently moved four hours away to Savannah, Georgia (insert my tears here) but even the distance will not allow me to give away the key to her friendship.  Corrie has an amazing way of intricately making you feel loved and appreciated.  She is not the most vocal friend when it comes to words (meaning, she keeps quiet… but when she has something to say… it is always impactful).   She for sure pays attention to detail and makes sure you know she is aware of all the mountains, plateaus and valleys that you are going through in life….

Continue reading and you will see just how amazing this chick is…

During our first year in the preschool mom’s group… we studied Psalm 139 verse by verse.  This was a wonderful time of studying… much laughter and tears were brought into our diving into this chapter of God’s word.  One day I opened up and showed the group a picture of a sweet little girl that I saw on Facebook.  This little blue eyed, brown haired beauty was standing in a field of cherry blossoms in full bloom.  The picture was stunning.  I took one look at this photo and thought “this picture could have easily been me as a child had I grown up in a peaceful, non fearful atmosphere.”  Unfortunate for me (will leave all the personal details out for now) but I grew up in fear for most of my childhood.  The little girl in the picture looked just like me when I was young… yet she was surrounded with peace and security.

Here is the stunning picture of the little girl in the field of cherry blossom trees…

I have not met the photographer or this sweet little girl… but via Facebook asked for permission to post this photo.  She lives in the Birmingham, Alabama area… so if you are near that area, I definitely think you should contact her if you are in need of an amazing photographer! Check out her website:

My sweet friend Corrie, approached me a few months later when she noticed cherry blossoms in bloom on a road in our town.  With camera in hand… she took me to this location… with props made especially for this photo shoot and took pics of me in the middle of the blooming cherry trees.  How thoughtful!  She wanted me to know that I was loved by God and a treasure in His sight just like the little girl in the picture.

She also made me an adorable pendant so that I could always remember the special occasion.

Several years later, I miscarried a child.  I was very private about this news at first and never really opened up to many friends about what had just happened in my  life with the miscarriage.  You can read more about our miscarriage on this post:

Well… sweet friend found out about this and sewed me this baby bib in scripted with the word Faith… the name we gave our precious child who went to Heaven.  To this day, I still have the bib and sweet note that accompanied it in my night stand.  If I ever have a hard day and think too much about our little treasure in Heaven… I have a little memento to hold on to as I trust God’s perfect plan for our family.  (here is a pic of the baby bib and the beautiful pendant she made me as a memento of our cherry blossom photo shoot)

I could go on and on and on at what a rock star friend this girl is!  I love that as the seasons come and go… and some friendships have purpose for just part of your story… there are some friends who make such an impact in your life that you never want to let go!  Miles will not remove how much I cherish this “seasonal” friend!

Jeffords fam… have fun in Savannah! We are praying over your new journey.  We can’t wait to see all that Jesus has planned… get that spare room ready… because the Paul’s will need to visit soon!!

Not only is Corrie an amazing friend… but a wonderful wife and mom to three adorable kiddos! They share a beautiful story of adoption and you can follow their family and story at

Meet the great and amazing Corrie Jeffords and her beautiful family…


Seasonal friendships are such a gift.  I love that Jesus allows certain people cross our paths for different time periods.  May you treasure the friends that are currently in your life!  Some may be truly “seasonal” and other “seasonal” friends just might stay for much longer than a season (like my sweet preschool mom friend, Corrie).  Either way… may you cherish each moment with your friends!

I will end on this… not only did Corrie and I meet while our boys were in preschool… that same year there were three other moms and their sons that we met the same year.  The boys will be entering second grade this fall and all 5 of our families are still great friends!  Here is a picture of the handsome boys…

And a pic of the moms.  I will cherish this photo forever because it was taken (along with the above pic of the boys) at one of our last “preschool boys” get together before the Jeffords fam moved away!

Psalm 139:13-15: For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.
My frame was not hidden from you
    when I was made in the secret place,
    when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.


4 thoughts on “Seasonal friends

  1. Amanda Benson

    Heather – thank you for sharing your insights on the gift of friendship. Your thoughts on “seasonal” friends was just what I needed to hear today. Been feeling guilty lately over a couple of friendships that have drifted away over the last year – wondering if it was my fault? Didn’t reach out enough? These were girls I used to speak to many times a week, doing Bible study, sharing life with…But now so much has changed. However, I feel a new peace after reading your post – that these women were just the gifts I needed at that time in life. While we will always be joined by the Spirit, I have peace in knowing that our connection is being ever led by Him. Even now, He has brought new “seasonals” into my life, giving me what I need for now. Praising God for His grace and Sovereign wisdom! Thank you Heather for being a faithful servant 🙂

    1. heather paul Post author

      Thank you for commenting Amanda. I am glad this post was encouraging to you. I feel the same way you are feeling at times and it is so hard. Like I wrote in the post… it is difficult for me to “let go” because, like you, I question if I did something wrong or offended the person in any way… although there was never a dispute or conversation about differences. I love how Jesus is in control and when we allow Him to take charge of even our friendships we can find peace in the middle of those seasons and be blessed right where we are! Will pray right now for your guilt to be removed and for your current friendships to be blessed beyond measure!

  2. D L grice

    D.L loved this it brought me to tears .had same thing happen to me did not know if it was something i did .we never had words or anything . one day my friend was gone.miss her Love her. but i guess she was a seasonal gave me peace with this today July 17 2014


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