Lord, Un Rush Me

“Lord, Un Rush Me”… were the spoken words from Lysa TerKeurst at the conference She Speaks that I attended this past weekend.  This was a conference for Christian speakers/writers… and was absolutely life changing for me.  I was 1 in 800 women in attendance at this conference… there were many beautiful faces to meet… many faces who have the same desire and passion as I do to speak/write in order to spread the love of Christ and to make His name known.  So much information was consumed this weekend that my mind is still spinning.  I met so many, I learned so much and I was challenged in more ways than I imagined possible before attending.

However,  as I step into Monday.  As I step back into the busy/hectic schedule of being a wife and mom of four… as I try to steal away little minutes through out the day to process all that I learned this past weekend… I can’t seem to get the words UN RUSH ME… out of my mind.

I desire to slow down.  I desire to make the most of each moment.  I desire to sit on the floor and play blocks with the baby and sing songs at the top of my lungs with my five year old daughter.  As I fold the laundry… I want to do so with gratitude that I have a large family to clothe.  When my boys want my attention and desire to carry on a conversation with me… I want to really be present. Really. Be. Present… not just nod my head as if I were listening to them while what I am actually doing is going through my lengthy to do list in my mind as they talk. I want to hear them…Lord, UN RUSH ME. 

My mind is filled with so much as a result of having attended such an impactful conference.  Am I walking away desiring to write a book? Yes.  Am I walking away desiring to book speaking engagements so that I can tell others about the love of Christ?  Yes.  Do I want to have more blog followers than I ever imagined possible?  Yes.  but more than those things… as a result of this Speaker/Writer conference that I just attended… I want to be a better wife.  I want to be a better mom.  I want Jesus to UN RUSH ME.

Do you need to be “un rushed?”

Psalm 23:2: he makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul.


4 thoughts on “Lord, Un Rush Me

  1. Corrie

    Definitely feel like I am being slowed down over the last few months. As we prepped for the move and lived in an apartment while the house sold and shuffled back and forth…and still unpacking…there is no time for the news! I L-O-V-E the news. I love Channel 2 Action news and Good Morning America and CNN and twitter’s ever breaking stories… And I have not been able to watch the news for 2 months now. I am almost use to living in lala land not knowing what is going on all around. What Savannah news channel do I love? I don’t know-haven’t had time to watch. Who are the local anchors? I don’t know!!! Part of me is lost and part of me is free from having to know all of the news. What have I learned? That walks with the kids are more fun than news and driving around exploring a new town is more fun than news. Moving to a town with a speed trap on the way to Kroger will also slow you down 😉 The pace is just a bit slower here. I think I will learn to love it.

    1. heather paul Post author

      I love this cocoj! 🙂 as much as we all miss you to pieces here… I am so thankful that you are finding your place in south GA. and are settling in. and you are right… walks with kids are the best!!!!!

  2. Stacey Layden

    This prayer has been so solid in my heart since we came back from the conference! Unrush me Lord. I can’t even describe how much of a difference it has made in me here at home this week. Love you and your heart!!

    1. heather paul Post author

      I am so thankful Lisa poured those words into us Stacey. Also thankful to have met so many like minded women (like yourself) who can help encourage one another in this journey! Love ya girl!


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