imageWhen I felt a nudge from the Lord to begin adding “beauty for ashes” stories to my blog… Stories from other people who have faced difficulties… have huge praise stories… or simply have a story to share that you may relate to, be encouraged by or moved by… I knew stories of cancer would be an intricate part to this section of my blog.

If I stood in a room of a hundred people and asked for a raise of hands to show how many people know someone or is that someone who has had or currently has cancer… More than likely… Almost every single hand in the room would go up. Sad. But. True.

I have a big place in my heart for those who have been touched by cancer.  My precious (and very one of a kind) daddy passed away from cancer five years ago next week.  My cousin (aka Brent the Beast) passed away from leukemia a little over a year ago.  The majority of my 13 years as a pediatric nurse was spent as a pediatric oncology nurse. My life has been touched and will never be the same because of cancer.

September is childhood cancer month.  Over these last days of September, I desire to share with you stories from real people, with real battles, with real losses, with day in and day out lives of battling cancer or watching their child fight the fight.  Some of these stories will end on a more joyful note than others… But either way… I desire for these stories to encourage you and to raise awareness of a disease that touches so many.

One precious (and very spunky) patient that I was blessed beyond measure to care for had a Christmas card made that was a picture of her beautiful bald head that read “Bald is Beautiful.”  She is now cancer free and currently has beautiful blonde locks flowing from her head like Rapunzel…. And I still think of that card with a smile on my face.  You are correct,  Sarah!  Bald IS Beautiful!

God makes all things beautiful!  From dust, He created man and woman in His own image.  He even creates beautiful stories from a nasty disease called cancer.  I pray that you will be touched by the stories to come and will desire to help raise awareness.  For we can all agree that a CURE would be BEAUTIFUL!

(To read more about my “beauty for ashes” section and the very first story that inspired this section… Please click on the post titled Beauty for Ashes).


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