today she is six…

imageI can no longer tell the age of my daughter by using just one hand. Today… my sweet, kind hearted, Spirit filled, brown eyed, joyful ray of sunshine turns SIX!!! What in the world!  How can it be?  As hard as it is for me to admit that she is no longer five (or one, two, three or four for that matter)… I can’t help but think over each year of her little life with such gratitude.  The only sister of three brothers… this girl is for sure the “cherry on top” of our family (and a whole lot of sparkling sprinkles too).  What a treasure she is!  She lights up any room with her beautiful smile and twirly spins. How blessed am I to mother such a little tiny jewel!

A few months ago, she set her eyes on a Sofia the First play desk at Wal Mart.  With her mouth opened wide and a smile on her face, she starred and starred at the desk (for a lot longer time frame than her mama wanted to give her)… and she desired to have this certain desk as her very own.  We told her the desk would be a big purchase and she would need to save up her money in order to buy it.  And that is exactly what she did.  She went home… rounded up all of her dollars and change… started doing odds and ends around the house to earn money… and even saved the money from the tooth fairy so that she could buy this Sofia the First school desk.

Jeff actually went the following day and purchased the desk for her when it was half price, in order to give it to her for her upcoming birthday.  We didn’t let her know… and she kept saving every penny and quarter she could get her hands on.  She saved $15 and was ecstatic as she was at the half way mark!

Fast forward and change scenes with me for a moment…

Last Sunday,  I sat behind a young gentleman at church and felt as if I were to help him raise enough money to attend an upcoming student conference that our church hosts.  (You may have seen my FB post about it last week and you can check out info for this conference at The kids were curious as to what I was doing and I explained the entire situation to them on the way home from church.  As we pulled into the driveway to our house that afternoon, my sweet daughter said “Mama, you know the story you told us about people giving money so that Elijah can go to the Passion Conference?  Well, can I give my Sofia the First money to you also so that he can go to the conference?”  Give a mama a box of Kleenex!!!! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  How generous was she?  I was blown away by her sweet little servant’s heart.  My husband and I were both in tears.  We decided to surprise her when she got home and give her an early birthday present… her Sofia the First desk!  And YES, Emma Rose… you certainly can give your money that you have been whole heartedly saving to Elijah so that he can attend the Passion Conference… and sweet baby girl… may Jesus bless you above and beyond what you could ever ask for, imagine or dream for in return for your sweet, kind, loving, and generous heart.  I love you EMMA ROSE!! I am blessed to be your mommy.  Happy 6th Birthday little darling.

Psalm 37:4: Take delight in the Lord,
    and he will give you the desires of your heart.


5 thoughts on “today she is six…

  1. rich cook

    Wow! what a beautiful story…made my day. But I’m not surprised. Your entire family fits the description. 🙂 ( Everybody!)

  2. Loann B. Cook

    I second Richard’s comment, what a beautiful story and a very Happy Birthday to a sweet, sweet little girl! Happy Birthday Emma Rose!!!!


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