His plan…

He has a plan. He knows the plan and daily He is working that plan in and through you. That plan is specifically designed for you. Written by Him with you in mind. Before creation and the first breath of life came into existence… He had a plan.

There is no confusion in His plan. It is plain and simple… And His intentions are true and pure. His plan is the best and it is beautiful.
The confusion comes in when we “our fleshy selves” try and manipulate, detour or fix the plan. Confusion sets in when we rely on fear instead of faith. When we rely on faith… there will be peace. His word tells us that He is a God of peace and not disorder… (1 Corinthians 14:33).

The plan… His plan may be long. Hard. Curvy. Filled with valleys low and mountains high… At times you may question His plan and at times not even understand it… But at the core of all of that… You must rest in His truth. Truths found in His word. Promises to never leave or forsake you, promises that He knows the plan He has for you and promises to protect and care for you.

Just this past weekend, a very dear and very beautiful friend of mine said “I DO” to her Prince Charming!! She waited more years than she wanted to… Was the bridesmaid more times than she desired to be… The years of waiting was hard… But she endured them. Years of waiting, trusting, crying, leaning, doubting, and many, many lonely prayer filled nights on her knees all lead up to her speaking those two words. I. Do.
She married! She is a bride! Her day has come! He had a plan and He worked it out in her life. As she sits somewhere tropical today, enjoying her honeymoon… I can only image that every now and then… A tear fills her eye and her heart skips a beat as she rests in His plan for her. His beautiful, perfect plan.

You may not be somewhere tropical today as you rest in His plan. In fact, you may be in the middle of a valley… Days filled in darkness. May you be encouraged to rest in Him. Trust Him even when you don’t understand.
You may be in need of answers… And now… Trust Him… He has a perfect plan and is working it out in your life even now.


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