The stairwell

Our pastor asked us to get on our knees for the next seven days.
You see… When you are on your knees… You are in the lowest place of submission to God.
It is on your knees that you can lift up your eyes and see…
It is on your knees that you can open your heart to feel…
It is on your knees that you can open your ears and hear from Jesus.
Hear from Him… Like really, really hear from Him. The Maker and Creator of Heaven and Earth. The One and only true God… Jesus… On your knees you can meet with Him.

Can you meet with Him, hear from Him, talk to Him and encounter Him when you are not on your knees? Certainly.
But there is something sacred, something extraordinary, something so pure yet so simple when you find yourself talking to and listening to the King of Kings when you are on your knees.

Today… I desired to get on my knees.
Today is Monday.
Monday… Yep… You know that day.

I woke unwillingly and rushed through the morning to get the kids ready for our home school group.

I gathered lunches and back packs and managed to sneak a shower in (and coffee)…

On my knees… On my knees… I need to get on my knees.

We rushed out the door… The kneeling thing didn’t happen.

Our day was busy. Packed as usual.
Schedules. Agendas. Appointments.
Dinner… Baseball and drama practice for the kids…

I need to get in my knees. I need to get in my knees.

Bath time. Bottle time for the baby…. And bedtime for 4 kids.

My knees. My knees. Jesus is calling me to my knees.

Everyone is asleep… Now. Now is the time for me to get on my knees…

Yet I log onto the computer to print out pages for the school day tomorrow. I put away a few remnants from dinner…. And then… Then it will be time to get on my knees.

It wasn’t until I started heading up the stairs that I was drawn to my knees.

No more excuses. No more distractions. Jesus wanted to meet me exactly where I was in that moment… In the stairwell.

Did I get on my knees out of obligation? No. Will they ask me when I walk through the door at church Sunday if I prayed on my knees this week? No. Will God love me more if I do or any less if I don’t? No.
I got on my knees, not out of obligation… Or agenda or requirement… But out of desperation.
I am desperate for God. I want to hear Him. I want to be still before Him and I want to meet with Him.

On the stairwell… I am my beloveds and He is mine…
Those stairs…
Are the ones my baby boy learned to climb up…
Are the ones I ran down while pregnant with two of my babies when my water broke in the middle of the night and it was time to head to the hospital.
They are filled with stains and foot prints each with a story of their own.
They have endured running children,
Filled with excitement during a play date, sleep over or birthday party.
That stairwell is where the kids sit on Christmas morning with excitement and a sparkle in their eyes as they wait for daddy to get the video all set up to capture them as they celebrate the birth of our Savior.
I met my husband on those stairs and cried when my dad passed away.

Those stairs. Those stairs. They drew me to my knees tonight. I spent a quiet moment with Jesus, bowed down before Him, hands opened… Ready to receive all He has for me, on those stairs tonight.


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