Every day has a purpose of it’s own.

I assume, some days more than others, we are more “intune” with the Lord and His exact plan for our day.

And that is exactly the way I would explain one certain Sunday, several months ago, as I sat down with my husband for a church gathering at Passion City Church.  It was a normal Sunday, my children were settled into their classes in Bloom and Passion Kids and the sermon was amazing as always… but God had a plan for our family to encounter Him at work in a way that was far beyond normal;  a plan that was extraordinary and exceeded more than we could have ever asked for or imagined.

My hubby and I sat behind a young man and 2 of his younger siblings.  We met them during our greeting time and shook hands.  Again, just a normal Sunday morning.  God, however, had something more in store.  My heart was blown away sitting behind this young guy and by witnessing his act of worship.  His love for the Lord came alive as each song was played, and as each word was preached from our pastor.  Jesus was alive in this young guy… and it was very evident!

I was moved by this young guy and his love for Jesus that radiated from him as he worshiped.  When the gathering was over,  I felt as though I was to ask this young guy if he planned on attending Passion 2015 (a student conference geared towards 18-25 yr olds).  Our church hosts this event… it is a powerful display of the Lord’s splendor and thousands gather there to eagerly encounter Jesus. 

When he told me he wanted to attend Passion 2015 but wouldn’t have the funds, I felt as though my family was supposed to help him raise the money to attend.  I posted this on FB and IG… and I was blown away at the goodness of the Lord and the generosity of others.  (Even my little girl had a generous heart towards this and you can read all about it on a previous blog post titled “today she is six”).  Not only were the funds raised for Elijah to attend the conference… but all expenses were paid for Elijah and his older brother to attend!!

Again, God did exceedingly and abundantly more than we could have ever asked or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).  It was amazing to witness the out pour of generosity from family and friends who wanted to be a part of this story and God’s plan.

God is good!!!! We have had the opportunity to meet up with Elijah several times since our first encounter and we love him and his heart for the Lord. 

Passion 2015 starts tomorrow and we can not wait to hear all the Lord is going to do in and through Elijah and his brother.

Would you join me in praying over this conference, Elijah, his brothers and all who will be gathering to experience Jesus in a way that is unlike any other encounter! We are expectant!

If you would like more information about this event check out http://www.268generation.com

Here is a pic of Elijah and our family during Christmas:


Thank you so much to those of you who generously gave. Lives were changed and will forever impact the Kingdom because of your obedience and stewardship.


3 thoughts on “Elijah

  1. brnagain44

    Thank you for sharing that story. Those GOD Moments.  Love you Nidia 

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

  2. rich cook

    Wonderful story…made my day! I just thank the Lord, that you followed the urging of the Holy Spirit and allowed all this to happen. God bless you and family, praying that 2015 will be awesome for you and family!.


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