home is where the heart is…

That’s how the saying goes. Doesn’t it?

“Home is where the heart is.”

Okay, I am not your typical cliche girl. Actually, if at all possible, I tend to shy away from using them.
You know… Your dad passes away and for lack of knowing anything else to say… A dear friend says, “Well you know he is better off now.”

Or you are having the worst day of your life and a family member chimes in (with their best encouraging voice ever) “You know every cloud has a silver lining.”

You are following me, right? I am in no way trying to knock cliches. I am simply laughing at myself right now because this non cliche girl just titled a blog post using one. Please, please don’t feel like you have to filter your “cliche” talk with me or anything… I don’t despise them… It’s just that most of the time I have to chuckle at them…

I am just not one to rattle off cliche after cliche…
but today…
I couldn’t find anything more fitting to use than a cliche in order to explain my current life situation.

You see…
My husband got a phone call several months ago for a new job opportunity. An opportunity that would better our family and challenge our family all at the same time.
With his new opportunity, he will be traveling for months straight at a time (with no coming home on the weekends)… For our homeschooling family of 6… It was a no brainier that we would all travel with husband. The most cost effective way for us to travel was to purchase a 29ft travel trailer and hit the road.


So… Here we are…

A new adventure.

A new journey.

Opportunities to see, explore and discover new things.

For a few months (or longer at times) our family

traded in a 4,000 sq ft home for a 29ft camper.

4 bedrooms for bunks

Washer and dryer for a laundry mat

All of the toys a kid could want in a lifetime for a backpack per child stuffed with their goods.

Why would we do that?

Because trading in our house (don’t worry, it’s still there waiting for our return… And so are the children’s toys)… We exchanged comfort, excess, space and plenty for an adventure that will cause our family to bond like never before, organize and prioritize like never before and make more memories than we could have ever dreamed.

Our home is where our hearts are… And our hearts are together. A family that does life together… The highs and lows together… The good and the bad together. Our journey might sound a little crazy… A little different… And a little extreme… But home is where the heart is. And in our home there will be lots of memories made!

I would love to share more with you from time to time about our adventure on the road.
What camper life is like.
What challenges we have encountered.
The memories that we are making.
How it is to homeschool on the road.
And all of our crazy in between.

Journey with us on the the days ahead!

In the meantime… I will give you a little glimpse of our new found camper life!


Our first snow!

Our first family meal. It’s a tight squeeze but we make it work! And the good news… The children are boxed in and can no longer get up and try to run around during meal time! 😜

Homeschool in the camper!

Instead of sending the kids to their rooms, we send them to their bunks!

Adventures at the laundry mat. I load up our fam of 6’s laundry into the wagon and off we go on a walk to the mat…Several times a week. On this particular day… A sweet man came in and played us some tunes on his violin!

Little divas are little divas regardless if they are at their house… Or in their new camper!

Home is where the heart is! And for our family rather we are at home in Georgia or together as a traveling family on the road… Our hearts are filled with joy in the Lord and in any home… We will serve the Lord!

Joshua 24:15: But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”


6 thoughts on “home is where the heart is…

  1. Rhonda Yearwood

    Heather, this sounds like a wonderful adventure. I would love to have that opportunity even now at this season of my life. Enjoy and happy trails.

  2. rich cook

    Love the pictures! I completely understand…love you guys! God bless in this wonderful family adventure! πŸ™‚


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