A very wise and loved man once said, “Married life is what you make it!”

There is so much truth to that quote.

When our family ventured out in our camper, to travel the country, wherever the road would take us with my husband’s job… We knew there would be a plethora of “inconveniences” along the way.


We really didn’t expect them to have such a grandiose appearance our very first week…

But boy oh boy, did they appear.

Night three of our journey, our water pipes froze and we were without water and sewage for several days.

Fun, right? Not. At. All.

Picture this… 6 people
In a camper
With no running water…
No bathroom usage
No showers to be taken
No washing of the dishes
No cooking
No cleaning
Sounds like a vacation right? Wrong!

Bathroom breaks still had to be taken
Showers were still very necessary
Dishes still needed to be washed
Dinners still had to be served
Cleaning still had to take place.

And not to mention we had several days of beautiful, fluffy white snow and below freezing temperatures on top of no water.

We sure made memories walking to the bath house in the snow just so we could use the restroom and bathe.

The beginning of this journey was hard. We were just starting to adjust to a tiny living space, being away from home, family and friends… And then… Our pipes froze!

After posting our situation on Facebook and asking loved ones to pray for us, one of my sweet Aunts wrote such encouraging words in reply…
“Glad you all are receiving blessings along with the inconviences. God is good! Love you all.”

Inconveniences. Exactly. That’s all this was…
One big ol’ inconvenience…
And I was not about to allow it to ruin our adventure.

Instead I would see each “inconvenience” as a blessing in disguise.

Changing my mindset of the inconvenience, Had potential to change the trajectory of our entire journey.

Inconveniences have a way of ruining you, belittling you, and can bring you to a lowly state of anxiety, depression and despair if you let them…
With the right perspective,
Every inconvenience will turn into Opportunity,
Advancement and

We could look at our time of frozen pipes, living in a tiny space, being away from friends and family as an inconvenience…
Which could have easily made us pack up, leave my husband behind to work…
And hit the highway home. (Believe me, the thought did cross mine and my children’s mind. Once. Only once 😉)


We could trust God in His perfect plan for our family. Face these inconveniences head on and greet them with Joy!
Joy that we were together as a family.
Joy that we were able to see a part of the country that we would have more than likely not seen otherwise.
And laugh and skip as we walked through the snow to take baths and use the restroom instead of grumbling and complaining.

My prayer in sharing this story of inconvenience with you is in hopes that you would allow it to change your perspective of inconveniences as well.

Turn those unnecessary, unwanted, uninvited circumstances into opportunities of joy!

The first sentence that I stated in this post read, ” Married life is what you make it.”
So true…
And if you take the word married off…
You have “life is what you make it.”
Life is what you make it.

The wise man who spoke those words was my Papa Lynch. My mom’s dad. Also the father of my sweet Aunt who planted the word “inconvenience” into my heart. Today would have been his 98th birthday… And I love that his words of wisdom are still lingering on…

We would love to share with you some of the ways we turned our camper life inconveniences into memories of JOY

IMG_4058 We have played lots and lots of games

IMG_3749 Watched movies with hoodies and gloves because of the brrrr cold

IMG_4059 Legos, Legos

IMG_3767 And more Legos

IMG_3671 Valentine’s Day party at the KOA clubhouse with our sweet neighbors

IMG_3769 We’ve read lots and lots of books



IMG_3750 Movie time all snuggled up in our tiny “living room/kitchen”

IMG_3804 And wonderful dance parties


3 thoughts on “Inconveniences

  1. Doris Hopson

    You have such a way with words, like your Papa, Heather i am sorry i have not found my pictures but tell Jacob i will post them when i do, they are misplaced not lost or gone, i will come across them, i just hate i dont have them for daddy’s birthday. I love your stories they are so inspiring and i love reading them. Love you all, go and have another adventure… love yaw


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