We are at our two month mark for camper life.

I have been stretched, strengthened and have grown in many areas during this journey.

One of those being that I am starting to see the simple.

The Simple.

It’s as simple as that… S.i.m.p.l.e

The little things… not the grand
The ordinary…not the extraordinary
The mundane… not the remarkable
The simple… not the extravagant

When you only have a certain amount of cook wear and dishes, only a weeks worth of clothes, only a few toys and games… Really… Just a few of everything… You begin to see life in a more simple way.

And it makes you think. Why do we feel like we need so much? Why to we feel like we have to keep up with everyone else? Why
is our culture such a consumerism society?

There is not much space in our camper… And most days… I find myself sitting at our little kitchen table (which also happens to be in our living room) and I am seeing the simple in everything.
We eat at this table.
We school at this table.
We watch movies from this table.
We read books, build Legos, play games, and lots of giggling and laughing takes place all from this table.

And just the other day… While sitting at this table… I began to realize that simple is simply beautiful.

And just the other day… I noticed Square.
A feature on the camera to my iPhone
When you see through the lens of square… You get a much simpler shot. You see a smaller section of what you are photographing. You don’t see the back ground. The side view. Above or below. You simply see the single object that you are aiming to see in the photo.
Square… Simply Square.

I have sat all week and from the view of my table… Photographed the simple life in ways I never would have had I not recognized the square option on my camera.

And square is making me see the simple.

And simple is absolutely beautiful.

Who ever thought watching your child sit and learn to eat cereal on his own would be so beautiful. Simply beautiful (I won’t go into detail over how he spilled all of it and my coffee that morning… You can catch a glimpse of that on IG).

Who ever though having your son sit across from you with blankets in hand because he just couldn’t seem to wake up one morning could be so beautiful.

Gazing at my husband while he warms up with hot cocoa.

Coloring with my daughter.

Watching my son write a paper.


Simple… Yet so beautiful.

In the middle of the hectic. The crazy. The scattered, everyone has somewhere to be all day every day life… We usually don’t even stop and notice these small, simple things. At least I know I didn’t. When we were home I was constantly cooking, cleaning, serving, ministering etc. and never really took note of the simple. And somehow… Having this simple camper life… Makes me want to take this simple back home with me…
And when I return… I want to notice this beautifully simple in the middle of my busy, crazy, hectic and sometimes stressful days.

And I encourage you to do so as well…
Stop and see things from square.
Notice the simple.
Experience it…. For simple square is simply beautiful.

Psalm 119:130: The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.

1 Timothy 6:6: but godliness with contentment is great gain.


4 thoughts on “Square

  1. Donna

    Heather. Love reading this today. Although i am not into material things, i am the queen of busy and often miss or rush the simple things. Thank you my friend, I needed this today. Just love your sweet family. Stay strong & simple. Donna

  2. rich cook

    Heather, your comments reminded me of that wonderful word in our language “SQUARE”. When I was growing up, you gave a man a SQUARE meal when he was hungry. A SQUARE deal in a business transaction. You stood four SQUARE for the right, as you saw it and SQUARE against everything else. When you got out of debt you were SQUARE with the world and you could look your fellow man SQUARE in the eye. So, I think we should all go back to being SQUARE! 🙂


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