“Home is where the heart is,” it’s so cliche, but point on for our family.
If you know us personally or have been following #paul6adventure on social media… you have already figured out that we are a camper life family.

2015 started a new life… a new journey for our family. After much prayer, my husband decided to open his career up to travel opportunities and for him that would mean 3 or more months at a time on the road. I really didn’t want to be a single mom and daddy didn’t want to miss out on being a dad/husband… and since we had already homeschooled our children for the past 3 years… and planned on continuing to do so, we packed our bags… bought a travel trailer and hit the road.
Since January we have lived in West Virgina, Boston and are currently in the land of 10,000 lakes (Minnesota). My children have already seen more of the country and visited more historical sights than they probably would have in their lifetime had we not said yes to this adventurous life that the Lord had prepared for us in advance.
So that catches you up with where we are currently…
We have been called many things since embarking upon this life… adventurous, crazy, gypsies, obedient, faithful, “out there,” etc. etc. etc. All out of love, of course! at least I hope so 🙂 We truly have had so much support and love from all of our family and friends. I know we are not living the traditional “American Dream” kind of life… but who says you have to? The Lord opened up the door for us to embark upon this journey… and we decided to follow! This crazy life has its ups and downs… highs and lows… good days and bad days… just like any so called “normal” life. I am sure it won’t last forever… as our long term desire for our family is to one day settle down and live on a piece of land and open up a foster/orphan home so that we can love on little children for years and years to come. So, in the mean time… we are open for whatever and where ever the Lord would lead us.
In June, the door opened for us to rent out our beautiful home in Georgia. As hard as it was to fly south and pack up our things… I know it was from the Lord and something we needed to do. Financially it just made sense. Here are a few pics of the kids and I on our last night (for a long while) in our GA home that we love so much!

While the kids and I were home moving out of our GA house… daddy stayed behind in MN to work… and bought us a big surprise while we were gone… a new camper! We figured if we were permanently living/traveling and on the road… that we might as well have something that could feel a little more like a home. 


 We like to give a name to everything that we own… simply because that just makes life fun. So we would like to give you a tour of “Lighty”

The name couldn’t be more perfect. Our family scripture is Matthew 5:16 (NIV): In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven

 With Matthew 5:16 being our family verse and our new camper is a 38ft LIGHT by Open Range… so the name LIGHTY is just meant to be!
I have the word LIGHT hanging over our new camper door as a reminder that every time we enter in or leave… we are to “Shine the light of Jesus” everywhere we go.
I found these little tin letters in an adorably, quaint shop in Tybee Island, GA and just had to bring them with us to hang over the door in our new home too!
So now that you’ve come through the front door… Let me give ya a little tour… Remember it is a 38ft camper so the tour won’t take long. 🙂 

 Entertainment center as you walk in the front door.

This is our kitchen. We are so thankful for the island. Our GA home had the best kitchen ever so we are blessed to have a nice kitchen in this camper too!   





 Our living room. Having this much couch space in a camper is quite unusual so we are happy! The table can come down and be stored under the couch or you can pull out 2 tables and use both. 

  Doorway leading to the kids bunk room. 

The kids each have their own bunk and the bench/table can be lowered into a bed as well. It will come in good use for our little guy down the road… But for now, he is still in the pack n play at night.  We will do a majority of our schooling at the table! So glad we have a separate area for school and are no longer taking up the kitchen table!  



The kids have loved decorating their bunk area with their favorite things! 

And at the other end of the camper is our bedroom and the bathroom.

 Notice there is only one bathroom pic. That is because we only have 1 bathroom. Yikes! So far it really hasn’t been a problem though. And the Lord willing, our adventurous camper life will be over by the time the kids are teenagers! 

We wanted to decorate with a few little things that help make our camper feel more like a home and allows for the presence of the Lord to be felt.   

My girl and I were shopping in Michael’s one day and for no apparent reason, we were very silly and giddy. We laughed at anything and everything. Prior to leaving, I saw this in the clearance section and had to purchase it as a fond reminder of our special date together. It now hangs on the kids bedroom door.


A sweet friend made this chalkboard wall hanging for us before we left for this adventure. Our family’s theme song is Oceans by Hillsong so for the time being, I have some of the lyrics to the song written on the board as a daily reminder of our trust in the Lord. 

I won this little wood sign at a friend’s adoption fundraiser.  It is a great reminder to pray for several friends and their adoption journey, our desire to one day run an orphanage and to simply remember the truths from Matthew 17:20 (NIV): Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

Thank you for touring our little home called LIGHTY!  We hope you will follow our #paul6adventure journey through this blog or by connecting with us on social media.  If home is where the heart is, I am learning that it really doesn’t matter the size of the home, the amount of money in the bank or the accumulation of things… But what matters most are the memories that are made and the amount of love that is shown… And in our little home… We will love well and SHINE HIS LIGHT! 


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  1. Brenda Kraft

    Thanks for sharing your family and your journey. We will continue praying for the Paul’s as you travel.


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