baby girl is seven…

    at midnight, the very first second into my children growing one year older, I have always made a point to sneak into their bed with them, snuggle up next to them, or kneel beside them, and pray over their little lives, thanking Jesus for another beautiful year and blessing of being their mommy. I have yet to make it through this traditional moment without breaking into the ugly cry. It is such an emotional moment for me as a mama.   
   And tonight… The eve of my only little girl’s birthday… Proved to be no different. Most of you know that we currently live in a camper and travel the U.S. with my hubby’s job… And with this camper life comes bunk life for my littles as far as their sleeping arrangements go. My girlie girl is on the top bunk… And I really wasn’t certain I could sneak up there at midnight and pray over her as she turned 7. (Did I just type that??? My baby girl is turning 7)??? Thankfully tonight, she asked if she could fall asleep in our bed, since it’s “almost” her birthday. Who could resist that sweet voice and possible snuggles? We joyfully said yes, and that certainly made my “pray and cry and cry and cry some more time” at midnight much easier on this mama! 

Happy Birthday sweet Emma Rose. You are an absolute delight to everyone who meets you. Your generosity, kindness and love for Jesus is contagious! 

You have been so very excited about your upcoming birthday. Any time we mentioned it this week you would grin from ear to ear. Just tonight, as we enjoyed dinner, s’mores and a campfire as a family, the mention of your special day, sent you into a silly dance, silly grin and extra silly facial expressions. I looked at your daddy and said, “I want to be just like her when I grow up!” He laughed and said, “You are! She is your mini me all the way!” 
 You know what, he was right! You are my little mini me and I am thrilled because of it. But to me, you are not an exact replica of me… You are the better version of me. At a young age of 7, you already live life with reckless abandonment for the Lord, you accepted Jesus into your heart at the age of 4 1/2 and this summer, along with your brothers, was baptized.  You have no fear of the things of this world and you smile at every twist and turn life has to offer. You sparkle and shine more than I ever had the courage to do, and I love watching a little me live again through little YOU! 

I stand amazed at the ways you already desire to have a quiet time with the Lord… And when you pray… Baby girl… Mountains move!  
 You have more best friends than anyone I know. I can’t even remember how many best friend bracelets I have purchased for you to give to a friend. And you love so well that I really think you could handle a hundred bffs.  

  Today we celebrate you! Those sweet words “it’s a girl” still ring ever so sweetly in my ear, when I think back upon the moment, 7 years ago today, the doctor placed you in my arms.   

Happy Happy Birthday precious Emma Rose! Your daddy and I, along with your three brothers, love you so much and thank Jesus for the gift of YOU! 

Psalm 37:4 delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. 


3 thoughts on “baby girl is seven…

  1. Loann B. Cook

    Said so beautifully again Heather, the real meaning of beauty in our lives is the “Joy of the Lord”…Emma Rose is certainly a Joy!!!!


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