It is hard to trust a known God with an unknown future,

But it is easy to remember all the ways He provided in the past. 

It is hard to close your eyes and simply follow the Lord and His plans for your life,

But it is easy to remember that His promises have always been true. 

It is hard to see and understand the big picture, 

But it is easy to remember the simplicity of right now…


Remember… that word was poured over me like a plentiful drink offering during my last Bible study with my sweet Minnesota girls.  

There we were, huddled together, forming a circle in Julie’s sitting room. Seven women sat digging into and discussing  a study on the Proverbs 31 woman… when the Holy Spirit prompted Cheri’s heart to ask me how I was doing with this traveling life that my family and I were on. 

She knew. She had heard my story.  I was transparent as I spoke to them about the ways our family had to simply trust the Lord with our unknown future. She knew that my husband’s contract in MN was soon coming to an end… And that we had no idea where we were going next… And she knew. She knew it was best to ask “how was my heart in all of this.”  

The asking of this question created a complete heart examination for me.  

My heart. Where is my heart in all of this? Am I trusting or stressing? Am I patiently waiting or anxiously trying to get ahead of God and figure out a plan of my own?  Am I sitting, resting and allowing the Lord to go before me and lead the way or am I taking matters into my own hands and getting ahead of what God has planned?  Those questions, were the ones I asked myself as I pondered the reply to her question about my heart.  And I suppose, I could ask the same questions to you… How is your heart?

Are you trusting instead of stressing…

Patiently waiting instead of anxiously planning…

Are you sitting…


And allowing the Lord to pave the way? 

I have to trust God. I have to wait.  I have to rest and allow the Lord to lead us to what is next on the agenda for our adventurous life.  Resting and waiting comes with the territory of my husband’s line of work as an independent insurance adjuster. He is not given a new assignment until the current assignment is over… And if there happens to be any form of catastrophe i.e. flooding, a hurricane , a blizzard or hail storm… Then everything is on hold until it is determined if the storm becomes a natural disaster. For us, my husband just finished his 4 1/2 month Minnesota contract and now we are in a period of wait. 

When Cheri proposed the question regarding my heart… She also told me the Spirit was stirring her heart to tell me the word remember

I love it! Thank you Cheri for being open to the stirring of the Spirit of our Lord. 

During the wait I will rest and will remember…

  • The beautiful lakes and scenery MN offered us.  The pictures will be present in my mind…permanently etched in my heart. 
  • The quality time I shared at the campsite with my children on nature walks and swims in the pond. 
  • Laughter, smiles and joy that was felt as treasured new friendships were established.
  • How the Lord sent us to a church that not only would my kids love… But would say yes at to following the example of Jesus in baptism.

“Remember these moments.  Remember the now.”  Those were the words spoken over me that night in Bible study… and I am clinging tightly every word. 

And as I cling to those words of remember… I will rest, be still and trust the Lord to lead the way, to go before us and provide my husband’s next job. And in the middle of the wait… we will have joy in the journey. 


Psalm 46:10: Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted on the Earth. 


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