Jesus wasn’t caucasian

I don’t debate

I can’t stand a confrontation

I have a political opinion… But I usually keep it to myself because of the first two statements you just read

And No I’m not putting periods at the end of these statements 😉

I usually keep quiet about argumentive, differential, hot topics that are noticed on the news and come across the social media feeds

For the most part, I don’t like to ruffle feathers and am a peace maker


There is One topic, One person, One opinion that I won’t keep quiet about

And that person is Jesus. (There’s your period).


I love Jesus. 

I believe in Jesus. 

I am for Jesus… 

And guess what folks? Jesus wasn’t, isnt and when I get my little Caucasian self to Heaven and see Him, He will not be Caucasian. 

I know. I know that is shocking news to some of you, who are Caucasian as well. I know you grew up seeing pictures of Him on your Sunday School wall and he appeared the same skin color as you.

 I know when you played with the little felt VBS board, His skin color was light… But just like the nativity scene didn’t look quite the way we display it today, Jesus more than likely wasn’t the freshly groomed, neatly bearded,  neatly pressed robe wearing guy that you grew up envisioning. 

Jesus was a Jew. He was born in Bethlehem. And we are not talking about Bethlehem, Georgia in North America. He was from the Middle East… Israel or Palestine depending how you look at it. 

Jesus was not Caucasian.

Last Sunday my kids came out of church carrying these

I really liked them… Not only because it was art work they made with their tiny hands.  But more than that, I liked them because the hands were all different colors. And to me, those colors represented the BODY of Christ! Honestly, I can’t do a cart wheel, but if I could, I just might have done a few in the childrens wing of the church.  The body should live as one. The body should join together. The body will be unified, worshipping all in one accord when we get to Heaven… So why don’t we start practicing that a little more while we are here on Earth? 

As most of you following along know, we started traveling fulltime with my husband and his job last year, so we visit many churches across the country. This particular church is not the church we call home.  Our church is in Atlanta, Georgia (Passion City Church).  I am biased, but I love our church! To me it’s the best everrr! And it is rather difficult to visit other churches when you travel, if you are really fond of your church.  

But this Sunday… The Sunday my kids came out of church carrying these “hand made” (catch that pun?) wreaths… I wanted to yell “hallelujah!!!” I wanted to find out who the children’s director was and hug his/her neck. 

Why you ask? 

Well let me tell you…

Because this church Gets It!!! 

They were not afraid to talk about, discuss and teach on a hot topic. 

Later in the day, my little girl came up to me and said “Mama, when we made that craft, we watched a video of that man… You know, The preacher one you told us about last school year… Mr. King.” (Martin Luther King Jr).  This church (a predominantly white church) discussed diversity and MLK! And to me, that was a beautiful thing! 

The Church (which to me is the entire body of Christ) needs to wake up. Okay maybe I should put that in all caps “WAKE UP CHURCH!” 

Before I get stared, let me first say, I love the Church… So I am in no way trying to knock it… But come on…

The Church needs to be teaching about diversity.

The Church needs to be reaching out to the poor, taking in the orphan and the widow. They need to be discussing hard, not so easy topics like sex trafficking, ISIS, refugees in Syria, and the out of control issue with foster care.  (Obviously in age appropriate audiences of those topics).

But according to my social media feed, the body of Christ is more concerned with the color of the Star Bucks cup during the Happy Holidays (Merry Christmas) season than touching these hot topics that are an issue. 

The Bible clearly tells us to care for the orphan and widow… 

And our dear friends who are in the process of fostering to adopt, learned in a recent class that there are over 400,000 foster kids in America, and that if 1 family from every 3 churches chose to adopt…there wouldn’t be such a problem.

It is time the church wakes up. And I am not just talking about the buildings that people congregate at… I am talking about the people themselves. We are the church and it is time we make a difference and take a stand. 

Yes it will be uncomfortable. Jesus was uncomfortable.

Yes it will be messy. Jesus was messy.

Yes it will be ugly, and hard and tiring and exhausting… But if we call ourselves followers of Christ… We must start acting like Christ and do as He did.

We just want a feel good sermon, look good, act as if our family has it all together, pat ourselves on the back because we went to church on Sunday… Caucasian felt board Jesus kind of life. 

And again, Jesus is not Caucasian. He isn’t even American… 

And NOW is the time to get messy, ugly and uncomfortable. 

And thank you The Crossing Church in Columbia, MO for teaching the next generation about diversity.

A few fav quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

“Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.”

“Love is the only force capable to transforming an enemy to a friend.”



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