Bible Journaling

During the month of January, I participated in a Bible Journaling Challange. I am not certain the background behind the idea or how the concept of writing/drawing in your Bible began… And really, for me, it is more like a bible doodling. I have always found art to be somewhat of a therapy for me. I certainly find spending time with God therapy, so combining the two was a sure fire way to save money on therapy bills. 😉

My stumbling upon this Challange was for sure God ordained. I randomly saw a Facebook friend post the Challange on her page, the idea interest me, so I decided to sign up.  

I have been writing in, jotting down sermon notes in, and underlining sections in my Bible for years now… But I have to be honest, the idea of actually drawing/coloring in the pages of my Bible felt uncomfortable at first.  But why? It really shouldn’t be uncomfortable to add color and creativity… Scripture tells us that those pages are simply God’s breath (2 Timothy 3:16-17) and I am most certain that the God I serve is a very colorful one! And to open your heart to be creative in His word… Well that’s simply a God thing because… He is for sure a creative God… Remember all He did in the very beginning… In Genesis we read of Day 1-6 and how He created so much beauty! He is a creator and made His people to be creative in His image… And I really felt He gave me the okay, to “doodle” and add lots of color to my Bible. 

The pictures below are my IG post and give a little explanation of the Bible I am using and my very first Bible journal entry from Jan.1. It’s not the best artwork… But remember, it was my first time, and I was still a little nervous to actually draw in my Bible…





  Now that you have a little explanation of my starting this journey of journaling and the Bible that I am using… I’ll share a few more of my entries with you. Please know that I am not an artist… There are thousands of bible journalers out there who are very artsy and can create beautiful art that you couldn’t take your eyes off of… My entries won’t be that amazing, but it’s really not about that.  It’s all about creating space for you and the Holy Spirit to spend time together in God’s word. It’s really neat to create when the Creator is the one moving the pen/colored pencils and paint for you. 


Bible Journaling has been a fresh new and exciting way for me to study God’s word. If this looks at all like something you would like to do, I encourage you to give it a try! You can also search  #biblejournaling #biblejournalingcommunity on social media to see many examples of other beautiful Bible journaling creations. 





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