Paul 6 cruising the Bahamas…

I have not been the best about actually  blogging our traveling life. I post tons of travel pictures on Instagram (@paul6adventure) but not as much about actual traveling is on the blog.  I started the blog many years ago as a means to share what Jesus is doing in and through our lives and to encourage others in their walk with the Lord. I guess I wasn’t really sure how to mix blogging about our travels into that… 

What in the world was I thinking! Hello! Jesus is in the middle of our travels. Jesus is the reason we travel. Jesus shows up everywhere we go because He is already everywhere we go…

So… I decided to start blogging more about our traveling family and will continue with devotional type blog posts as well. And what better time to start than now, as our family just returned from a cruise on the Carnival Cruise Ship, Senation and sailed to the Bahamas!  So come on… And take a little travel with us via pictures and blogging…

My hubby surprised me with this trip for my birthday! He initially booked the cruise just for the two of us, but I was a little unsettled with the idea of being without my kids for 6 days, and not being certain to be able to contact them, so he kindly (and unfortunately with adding lots more money 😜) booked a spot for all 6 of us!  I know. I know… Call me crazy that I didn’t accept a trip alone with my hubby for 6 days… But I’ve never left them for that long and the thought of doing so for the first time while out in the middle of the ocean… Well… I just couldn’t handle it… So crazy mom or not… We all went and this mama’s heart was very happy because of it! 

We set sail out of Port Canaveral, Florida and the weather for Florida was unusually cold. It felt kinda strange to get on a cruise ship with pants, jackets and long sleeves… With the exception of my first born, who would wear shorts while living in an igloo if we gave him the option. 

 The kids faces had the biggest smiles painted on them and there were squeals of JOY when they saw the ship for the first time and they were beyond excited to board the ship and run around seeing all it had to offer! 


One of the best parts about being on a cruise is being served. When you are mama of 4 and you are used to serving others… It was a treat to have your room cleaned 3 times a day and to be treated like a princess during meals. 

   Speaking of princesses, I shared a room with my little princess! It was so much fun to have all of that extra girl time every evening.

 The kids loved the towel animals that were on display in the cabin every evening! 

And this little guy loved that we could call for room service 24 hours a day! 


 We had the best waiter! Rayon (Ryan) was from India and we learned so much about his culture. When you are a homeschooling mama, you are always seeking learning opportunities for your children, and every night at dinner we got a glimpse of what it is like to grow up in India. Ryan is from Goa, India and grew up about 10 minutes from the Arabian Sea!  We learned that although a majority of India is Hindu or Muslim, the Southern area of India is a former Portugese colony and the majority of the people that live in this area are Roman Catholics.  We loved having Ryan as our waiter and will for sure miss seeing him every night for dinner. 

Day 1 at sea was filled with touring the boat, fun games with the kids, and entertainment by the cruise staff.  



Jeff and I tried escargo at dinner. Jeff was very reluctant at first, but was brave and conquered his fears!  Dinners on the cruise were the best! Not only was our waiter the best ever… The food was fabulous! We all loved the fact that we could order as many varieties of the food choices as we wanted and we tried new things that we never would have otherwise. 

Day 2 was at Freeport. We didn’t do a whole lot at this port. Freeport is more of an industrial port and you basically have to take a taxi (and not the type of taxi you are used to in the States) if you want to actually do anything at this port. Our kids were a little freaked out and overwhelmed with all of the locals coming up trying to talk us into taking a taxi. Instead of taking the taxi, we decided to peek into a few of the shops and decided to spend the remainder of the day swimming ( I mean, freezing).  The water was too cold for Jeff and I, but the kids certainly didn’t seem to mind it one bit.  It was so nice to lounge by the pools, and relax while staring out into the beautiful ocean. 

And the big kids braved the huge water slide!   

The dinner for night 2 was a little more formal. It was nice to actually see our family get all dressed up and go for a fancy dinner. We even used this opportunity to teach the kids about table manners and how to properly use the table settings. This was a huge difference from our normal, eat on paper plates because we live in a camper, dining that we are used to! 

Emma Rose even matched her AG doll, Grace and brought her to our fancy dinner. The family who sat beside us each night for dinner was from Argentina and they were mesmerized by ERP and her doll because they don’t have dolls like that with matching clothes where they live. Perhaps we should move to Argentina and start the Argentina Doll line! 

Day 3 was in Nassau! We really enjoyed our time at this port and met many of the locals and learned of their culture. 

We did some shopping at the market and met two sisters named Raff and Cheryl.  

They were so generous and kind. Before leaving them, I felt the need to ask if we could stop and pray with them. Raff began to cry and told us of her son and his problem with drugs. Drugs are a big problem on the island. It was an honor to pray over these two women and their families. They are such hard workers and graciously do all they can to help provide for their family. What began as a prayer over them turned into a beautiful praise service right there in the middle of the market! I love that church can be anywhere, anytime and with anyone who desires to call upon the name of the Lord! As believers, we are the church, and the Lord was certainly in our midst there in the market in the middle of the Bahamas. 

We bought most all of our souvenirs from these two women. They were so kind and gave each of the children a Bahamas bracelet and Cheryl gave Emma Rose a straw doll that she had made by hand earlier that morning. She said the Lord must have had her make the doll just for Emma Rose and wanted her to have it. 

We also met a woodworker who was very skillful and talented.    

We noticed he had his BIble with him so we asked his favorite scripture and he told us it was John 3:16. He and the kids had a good time quoting scripture together! 

Little girls can’t come to the Bahamas and not get their hair braided! Here’s a pic of ERP having her hair done by a lady named “Navy, as in Old Navy.” Those were her exact words when we asked her name. 😉    

We also spent some time at the beach that day. Again, it was too cold for Jeff and I (the downfall to being old) but the kids embraced the cold and splashed away!  

We really enjoyed the colorful city of Nassau! 

  We felt fairly safe with all of the officers walking around the city!   
Many memories were made on this trip… We will always remember the time our quiet and shy, Jonah was asked to go on stage and play in the Hasbro Family Game  night… 

Emma Rose and Emory were part of the staff dance one night at dinner…  

Emma Rose even lost a tooth on the ship!   

We also participated in a digital family scavenger hunt…  

 We had to take a pic of 2 family members doing the chicken dance in the atrium.

  A pic of the parents making silly faces with the ship’s funnel in the background…

Oh yea… And we won the scavenger hunt and even got a trophy and medals!   

We had a “funtastic” breakfast one morning with Dr. Seuss! Everyone enjoyed their green eggs and ham!   

We were so grateful for a wonderful family trip making memories that will last a lifetime! 

Before leaving, we had to find our dinner waiter, Ryan (our favorite person on the ship) at his breakfast area for one last pic!  

We loved our trip and would totally recommend cruising with kids! If paul6adventure can do it… You can too!  




2 thoughts on “Paul 6 cruising the Bahamas…

  1. Heather Ivey

    Absolutely wonderful pictures and story telling of your incredible family journey! I love that you find joy, beauty, life lessons, and God’s word in all that you do with Jeff and your children. You are such an inspiration to me. I wish I could be even half the mother and wife that you have become. I’m so proud of you. Thank you for sharing your life of travel and adventures with all of us! Love you sweet friend. Love, Heather Ivey


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