My true love ❤️

True love is holding my hand and never leaving my side when I found out my grandfather passed away and due to a snow storm in Nashville, I could not board a plane to get to Georgia until the day before the funeral, although you and I had just met.

True love is getting up the courage to ask a girl to marry you one year to the day of our very first date.

True love is moving from Nashville to Georgia with your new bride because she couldn’t sale her townhome that she owned in GA.

True love is saying you want to start a family close to the end of your first year of marriage.

True love is moving your family to another county to provide a nicer home in a nicer neighborhood for your growing family. 

True love is walking through the darkness of death with your bride while her family fell apart as her daddy battled cancer and ended up passing away the same year because of that diagnosis. 

True love is quitting your job and opening up a family business so that you can all be together every day as a family.

True love is closing the family business when you feel the Lord is nudging you to and starting over from scratch and taking any and every job offered so you can feed and clothe your family.

True love is starting a new career during your 40th year of life to continue providing.

True love is leading your family on the biggest adventure of their lives by packing up the house, buying an RV and hitting the road to show those you love the most how great and amazing the beautiful U.S.A. really is. 

True love is making me coffee every morning although you don’t even drink it, praying for us before we go to bed at night, bringing home flowers just because, being kind and gentle and patient even when life is crazy.

True love is visible in the big picture and is very evident in the day to day. 

Thank you Jeff for loving me from the beginning and loving our family so well… And because of that… You are my TRUE LOVE! XO




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