Two ladies who are shining His light…

If you have been around my blog world for long, you know that I am big on “shining the LIGHT” of Christ anywhere and everywhere our family goes… that Matthew 5:16 is the scripture that we have claimed for our family adventure.  You also know that we are currently traveling the country in a camper with my hubby for his job as an insurance adjuster. 

Knowing that our heart’s desire is to shine the light of Jesus… I get beyond excited when I encounter others who are doing the same thing…

In today’s post, I would love to introduce you two “light shinning” women…

Meet Julie: 

When our fam first moved to Minnesota over the summer for Jeff’s job,  Julie (an IG friend at the time) reached out to me and offered to connect. 

She opened up her life and allowed all of her people to become a part of my world… 

Play dates with 21 kids

Dinner with 4 other families

Bible study with her and other homeschool moms 

 She even threw a birthday party for Emma Rose! 

Julie loves Jesus and is all about spreading and shining the light of Jesus! She has a beautiful way of creating and displaying wonderful photos and recipes to help equip others to feed the next generation in a healthy and fun way.  She has desired to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle for years, but a pivotal moment for her was when her sweet little miracle child, Violet was born premature and at the same time, Julie had a very serious medical condition. I will never forget the moment we sat around her table and she shared her game changing story with me. Not only was I in awe and in tears, I was moved to believe that God has big plans for Julie and Violet’s life. 

Julie is an absolute jewel of a friend, one that I will always treasure! 

This is a beautiful photo of my sweet friend and my sweet daughter at the birthday party Julie gave Emma Rose (and the cake Julie made was, in ERP’s words exactly, “the best cake ever”). You can follow her story on Instagram @juliannesjournals and her website is

And meet Nadine…

To know Nadine is to love her. She was the graphic designer at our former church. Our paths crossed on numerous occasions while worshipping and serving… But I really fell in love with her when she became obsessed with photographing my little girl at church events when Emma Rose was a baby. Nadine probably doesn’t even remember snapping away pics of my little one… But for me, it was unforgettable. 

Nadine has cancer. The dreaded C word. This ugly word has been a part of her life for several years now as she has battled four different times. She went though a period of remission… And recently cancer came back with a vengeance. 

Cancer may be a part of her story but is does not define who she is…

She is a powerful woman of God who knows how to fight like a boss!

Every time I read a FaceBook post of hers… I am not only in tears but in awe…

In awe of her strength.

In awe of her fight

In awe of her faith

And in awe of the One who created her to be so strong, fierce and faithful.

Despite her fight, she chooses to live life to the fullest. She posts pics of she and her husband Skip, cycling down the path to the river to pray. She makes a point to snap daily morning pics of her and her beautiful girls. She lives life to the fullest and makes every day count. She refuses to give up and makes the most of every single day by traveling, exploring and loving everyone around her. 

Nadine is life

Nadine is love

Nadine is sunshine!

Please,please,please join me and thousands of others in praying for Nadine and her family. We are joining together, praying and believing for a miracle of healing over her body. You can join team Nadine and follow her journey on Facebook at Team Nadine and her blog at

Both of these beautiful daughter’s of the King are absolute faith filled, mountain moving, world changing, Light shining treasures who bring glory to the name of the Lord! 



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