In the middle of nowhere Texas

If you are wondering if there really are any good people left in this world. There are.If you are wondering if God really does answer prayer, work miracles, and sometimes answers those prayers in a matter of minutes? He does.

Yesterday was living proof of both statements above. We have been traveling the past 4 days from Jeff’s previous job in Florida to his next assignment in Colorado. 

As we were driving through middle of nowhere TX, like nothing but a bull and an oil rig in sight, our check engine light came on and our car started smoking a little. 😁

Paul6 went into holy hands raised in the air, Lord we need a miracle, kind of praying. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸ»

We were able to pull off the interstate and onto a side road before it completely went kaput. We just so “happened” (coincidence not) to pull behind a family who had pulled over to check their boat trailer. 

And it just so happened that something told the wife of the family that they needed to pull over (coincidence not). God did that for us! 

And it just so happened (coincidence not) the husband of the family works on cars for a living. He took one look and saw it was a heater hose that broke which was causing antifreeze to leak and our car to over heat and smoke. They cut the hose, wrapped it with mechanical tape and cable ties, added antifreeze and water and we were good to go. 

We headed to the next one horse town and are now at an auto parts store to get a better hose… And little did we know, the family followed us the entire way and the husband is now helping Jeff work on the Yukon at the parts store. 

Yes. There are good people in the world and God still answers prayers. He worked a miracle right before our eyes today and what a testimony of Gods provision and protection for our kids to witness. Thank you Jesus for Mr. Cody from TX. May you bless him for blessing us.

In the name of Jesus, we will make it all the way to Colorado without another problem and then… Will be buying ourselves a truck that is actually capable of pulling this house on wheels of ours. 

 There are so many “ups” to this adventurous life… But I always want to make sure to share those “downs” too. But either way we will choose JoY!

Amd this signed soared high over the auto parts store…


And even today, when we had to pull over because the Yukon was overheating, the kids made memories and explored. Regardless the circumstances… We must choose JoY! 




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