Unexpected blessings…

Ever had an encounter with someone and you knew it was a straight blessing from the Lord? 

Our family ventured up to Cheyenne this summer for Frontier Days and if you read my previous post, you would read of a precious little girl that I encountered there.  This little girl was one of several precious people I was blessed to meet there.

During our day, a crazy hail storm decided to greet us and our family scattered and took cover in the Indian village.  I had my oldest 3 munchkins with me and we jetted to a little covered area where you could purchase beautiful dream catchers and other gifts. No pun intended, but these dream catchers, caught my eye. They were beautiful and reminded me of my Aunt Doris. I knew I just had to purchase one for her because she collects all things Native American. 

As my daughter and I peeked through their supply of handmade dream catchers we found the one that we knew would be perfect for my Aunt. 

After my purchase, the hail storm decided to linger a bit… And lasted just long enough for me to have the most amazing encounter with the two sisters who hand made all of the merchandise in this particular booth. We thought we were only coming to this booth for protection from the storm… But received so much more. Coincidence? I think not! 

These sweet women showed me all of their beautiful goodies and went on to tell me a beautiful story. And if you have been around the blog for long or know me well… you know I am an absolute sucker for a good story… and if the story is about history… well we might as well pull up a chair! 

These lovelies shared with me the story and legacy left behind by their mother, a beautiful Indian woman. 

Their mother was an Indian from a tribe in North Georgia.  Hearing the word Georgia for sure filled my heart with JOY because I am a Georgia girl myself.  I couldn’t believe I was about to hear a story about an Indian woman from Georgia while I attended Frontier Days in Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

These ladies proceeded to tell me their mother ran away from home, along with her brother, when she was only 19 years old. They left Georgia and ended up in Colorado. She hid her Native American heritage from anyone she ever met, thinking they would think it to be a disgrace and embarrassment.

 She ended up marrying and growing a beautiful family. It wasn’t until she was well in age that her children even discovered she was part Indian. They took great pride in their Indian heritage and now make beautiful Indian heirlooms and gifts as a beautiful way to keep the legacy of their mother alive. 

These two sisters are absolutely blessed with amazing talent and carry on their mother’s legacy in such a beautiful way. 

I was all ears as they continued to tell me about their mother. 

One sister continued with a story of Berry College. I absolutely love Berry College, located in Rome, Georgia. The campus is stunning and full of history. 

Martha Berry, founder of Berry College, actually took in their Indian mother when she was a child.  I am not certain if this was more like an adoption, but their mother lived with her for several years.  Her name is even mentioned in Martha Berry’s book. She was cared for by Martha Berry until her older sister from her biological mother became ill and needed her assistance.  

Their mother helped care for her older sister for many years and when she was 19 (as previously written), ran away to Colorado and began a new life.

Unfortunatly, those are the only details of the story that I can recall as I didn’t come straight home and blog about the story as I had hoped. I suppose, you could create the ending in your mind and dream a beautiful dream for this Indian woman and her family. 

She lived a courageous life, I am certain and the Lord called her home when she was in her 90’s. Her family lives out her heritage and will continue to bless others for generations to come, that I am sure. 

Thank you to these two sisters who blessed me and my love for story…


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