Mama’s keep praying

I have been praying for my first born on a deeper level over the past several months. 

He turned 12 on 05.05.05 (cool birthdate, right?) and I have been praying for him to grow personally in his walk with the Lord. Obviously, as parents we do all we can to point all of our children to Christ.  We have family devotional time, bible time with roadschool and we pray at night and take them to church…

but I’m developing a burden to visually observe my preteen grow deeper on his own… to crave that personal relationship with God and not just be a druggy… “drugged to church lol”

And mama’s if that is your heart cry for your children… keep praying…

 Keep believing…

Keep approaching  the throne of grace with much confidence over your treasures. 

I have been praying and lately… I have seen first hand the Lord at work in my little man. 

Last month there was an opportunity for a baseball game… it was a scrimmage and not a real game and my husband encouraged the boys to go for extra practice… and my son said no. 

You see, going to baseball would mean missing church and my son didn’t want to miss church. I love that he picked Jesus over baseball… and trust me, my boy LOVES baseball… but it’s clear that his love for Jesus is even greater. 

Then a few weeks ago, I noticed he had been carrying around a little red bible in his pocket. He showed it to me and said he had been carrying it around because it always brings comfort and strength. Hello! I can learn a thing or two from him! That was for sure a “melt my heart” moment.

In His youth class at church, the leaders encouraged the boys to write down a verse and prayer request each day and turn them in the following week… now my son is a rule follower and it didn’t surprise me that he did this requested task… but I was absolutely amazed at his dedication each day to read the Word on his own and pray.  

I love what I am seeing the Lord do in and through my boy. I am honored to be his mom. I will continue to pray, continue to trust and continue seeing him grow in the Lord and shine the light of Christ! 

Mamas… be encouraged! 

Keep doing what you are doing to point your babies to the Lord. 

Even the quiet ones… like my Jonah… are watching. 

Don’t quit praying…

Don’t give up…

Keep looking like Jesus…

Continue leading them to Jesus and you will see the fruit of your labor!!! 

And since my fella just turned 12… I figured I’d show you a few pics of him over the years and the fun time we had celebrating him turning 12.

As you probably know, we travel the US in an RV and actual parties are rare these days for our kids birthdays because it is unusual for us to be around family and friends during our travels… well this year we happened to meet 2 precious traveling families like ourselves and we had enough kids between us to have a party… so Jonah picked to go to an indoor trampoline center to celebrate turning 12. 
1 John 3:1: “how great is the love the Lord has lavished on us that we shall be called children of God.” 

Every moment being your mom has been a blessing Jonah! I couldn’t have asked for a better first born son.

And a few pics of his 12th birthday…


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